Social Isolation Training Tips – Back to Basics Suggestions

As all events have now been cancelled it would be understandable if your running has lost of bit of impetus. As it doesn’t look like events will be back on anytime soon and to keep the motivation going to get out running, you need to change your goals and your emphasis. There are lots of things that you can do here are a few suggestions: – Start a time trial around one of your local loops. If you have a heart rate monitor or power meter you can run at... Read More

Running with a Head Torch

Head Torches for Those Dark Nighttime Runs Head Torches have developed a lot in a short space of time. Gone are the large chunky torches with bulbs and heavy battery packs. Instead we have lighter and more powerful torches using modern LED’s to choose from. The price of a decent head torch has also dropped and the choice has gone up. So, here are a few pointers to think about before you make your head torch purchase. Shop – Invest in a head torch for as little as £20-25 here at Read More