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How To Run Your 1st Marathon – Using Pickups

A few years ago my sister in law asked me to help her train for a marathon. The lady in question, who we will call Doris, had been an asthmatic as a kid but had changed her diet and no longer used an inhaler. She had never been sporty but wasn’t anymore overweight than the average 30 plus lady. The motivation came from her University friends whom she met up with every year. They always chose a different location and as they were all sporty folk who ran regularly this... Read More

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Northern Runner Ambassador Smashes Bob Graham Round Record!

Kim Collision Smashes Record in 15hr 47min! Wherever ‘Man meets Mountain’ the spirit of challenge manifests itself in various ways. In the English Lake District walkers and runners have pitted themselves against the fells for well over a hundred years. While climbers found the steepest rock on which to make their mark, for the athletes it was distance and the linking together of the high mountains which provided the lure. What is the Bob Graham Round? The Bob Graham Round is a fell running challenge in the English Lake District.... Read More

How to Run An Ultra Marathon by Kim Collison – Part 1 – Why Run the Ultra Distance?

Why Would I Run An Ultra? — The feeling of ecstasy of crossing the finish line in an ultra can be amazingly powerful whether it’s your first or 43rd time. The moment of euphoria when you overcome the obstacles you have endured to reach your goal is an extremely addictive emotion. You may say never again but sooner or later you will be entering your next race to recreate those feelings. I still replay the emotions I felt running down the lane to Coniston school at the end of the... Read More

Wondered How To Run An Ultra Marathon? Kim Collison Explains His Madeira Island Ultra Trail

Bringing Back the Smile My Psychological Strategies Used to Finish the Madeira Island Ultra Trail — Saturday 28th April 2018 at 16.57 my smile was back on my face as I ran down the finish chute of  the Madeira Island Ultra Trail (MIUT) a 115km 7200m race which was part of the Ultra Trail World Tour (UTWT). Sometimes the journey to the finish line is relatively plain sailing, everything works out to plan and you hit your best possible goal. However this is often not the case and you have to ride... Read More