Topo Athletic Ultraventure 3 Review

This week, we review the latest well-cushioned training shoe designed for hard packed tracks and trails from Topo Athletic, in our Ultraventure 3 review. As well as harder packed trail, it’s also suitable for some road running sections where it remains smooth-feeling and comfortable. As with all Topo shoes the Ultraventure 3 has a broad rounded toe box. As you would expect in a shoe designed for ultramarathon distance, the toe box has slightly more volume than the shoes designed for shorter distances. This is so that there is still... Read More

Brooks Divide 4 Review

The Brooks Divide 4 is designed as a road to trail shoe. This is essentially a mixed terrain shoe. It offers enough cushioning to be used on tarmac but also has some grip for hard packed trails. The midsole isn’t quite as stiff as a road shoe so that it can flex a little bit to accommodate and unsmooth running surface like a rocky trail. Which together with the grip makes it a better option for trail use than a road shoe would be. Although this bit of flex in... Read More

Scarpa Ribelle Run Kalibra ST Review

This week, one of the latest editions to Scarpa’s lineup in our Scarpa Ribelle Run Kalibra ST review. Essentially Scarpa has taken the Ribelle Run Kalibra G and removed the weatherproof gaiter to produce a grippy trail shoe suitable for milder temperatures. This makes the Kalibra ST a much more versatile shoe for use in the UK as the winters are getting milder. So, if you’re not high up in the mountains (where temperatures are lower and the wind chill is higher) or looking for a shoe to get you... Read More

Karhu-Fusion3.5-review 17/11/2023

Karhu Fusion 3.5 Review

The Karhu Fusion is a neutral shoe designed for everyday training. They are well cushioned and durable. Exactly what you would expect from a brand that has been making running shoes for over 100 years and who’s shoes have been worn by the world-dominating Finns of yester year. Karhu has become one of our most popular brands in store where customers can test run their shoes on the corridor at the back of the shop. Karhu’s have a straight big toe line so that you can push off from the... Read More

Brooks-Ghost-Max-Review-Image 16/11/2023

Brooks Ghost Max Review

The Brooks Ghost Max is designed to be an everyday neutral training shoe. This is the running shoe that you use for the bulk of your mileage. This covers your easy runs; recovery runs and long runs. Going on the name you would assume that the Ghost Max was a Brooks Ghost 15 with a higher stack height. It is a very different shoe to the Ghost 15. The Ghost Max midsole is made from DNA Loft v2, which is the same material that is used to make the Ghost... Read More

Topo-Athletic-Phantom-3-Review 16/11/2023

Topo Athletic Phantom 3 Review

The Topo Athletic Phantom 3 is Topo Athletic’s everyday neutral training shoe. It is versatile enough to be used for everything from those easy morning recovery miles, your first few miles as a new runner, through to Sunday’s long run. That even includes some faster running. If you just want one shoe for all of your road running then the Topo Phantom 3 would be well worth considering. If you need a bit of pronation support then we would suggest considering the Topo Athletic Ultrafly 3, which has similar features... Read More


Scarpa Spin ST Review

We review the latest edition to the Scarpa trail running shoe line up, specifically designed for UK conditions, the Scarpa Spin ST. “Designed for UK conditions” means they are a shoe designed to give good traction on wet and muddy ground and flexible enough to take the curvature of the ground beneath you, to maintain traction even when contouring. Often this type of shoe is labelled as a ‘fell running shoe’, but as we are lucky enough to have lots of public footpaths that give us access to many open... Read More

Altra-FWD-Experience-Review 19/10/2023

Altra FWD Experience Review

Shortly after a much-anticipated launch, we’ve finished up our Altra FWD Experience review. Altra came into the running shoe market around thirteen years ago with an ethos to fix the wrongs of the running shoes that were on the market at that time. Altra running shoes are designed to let your feet function as nature intended, giving them the space to do so. All styles including the Altra FWD Experience have a broader, rounded toe box (three varieties) and up until now had previously all been 0mm from heel to... Read More

hoka-zinal-2-review 04/10/2023

Hoka Zinal 2 Review

Hoka is renowned for making shoes that offer very soft, thick midsoles in combination with a rocker to help improve your running economy. Their shoes have been so successful that a lot of brands are now following by making shoes of this type. However, Hoka have recognised that a high stack height shoe with a soft midsole isn’t the best combination for every type of running, and they do make some shoes that are more flexible with a firmer more responsive midsole. The Hoka Zinal 2 is one of those... Read More

Hoka-Clifton-9-GTX-Review 04/10/2023

Hoka Clifton 9 GTX Review

The Clifton 9 is Hoka’s most popular neutral, cushioned running shoe and has been part of Hoka’s road running range for over 14 years. Northern Runner has already reviewed the Hoka Clifton 9 with the ‘standard’ mesh upper here. The Hoka Clifton 9 GTX is in effect the same shoe with a waterproof upper. However, having run in the Clifton 9 GTX for a few hundred miles now I have found that they are a bit different and decided that the Hoka Clifton 9 GTX warrant’s its own review, to... Read More