Saucony Peregrine 11 ST Review | High Grip Trail Running Shoes

Saucony makes their most popular trail shoe in three versions. The Peregrine 11 has an outsole designed to cover more hard packed terrain. There is a GTX version of the Peregrine 11 that has a Goretex lining and then the Peregrine 11 ST. The Peregrine 11 ST is the most aggressive member of the Peregrine family designed for softer and more broken ground. The Saucony Peregrine 11 ST has 6.5mm deep lugs on the sole of the shoes. These are designed to bite into soft muddy ground to give good... Read More

Altra Rivera Review | Zero Drop Road Running Shoes

The newest shoe in Altra road running range is the Altra Rivera. The Rivera drops into the range where the Altra Instinct/Intuition used to sit. That makes the Rivera more cushioned than the Escalante, which is designed as a racer/trainer for those faster runs and interval sessions. Conversely, it’s less cushioned than the Torin, which is Altra’s high mileage high cushioning road running shoe. If I had to label the Rivera, I would say that it’s a ‘performance training shoe’. Everything about the Rivera is light and minimal. The men’s... Read More

Hoka One One Rocket X Review | Road Racing Shoes

The Hoka Rocket X is Hoka’s lightest road racing shoe with a carbon plate in the midsole and as such is designed for running at higher speeds. Traditionally, racing shoes have always been firm and responsive in feel so that the power you are putting into the floor can be transferred into forward motion. The cushioning level has also been low to gain maximum foot function. However, in recent times things have changed. Hoka were one of the first brands to introduce a ‘meta rocker’ into their shoes that helps... Read More

Brief History of Karhu Running Shoes

Although not as well-known as other running shoe brands, Karhu has a rich 100 year heritage that includes their shoes being worn by exceptional Olympic athletes like Paavo Nurmi and Emil Zatopek. Karhu started making Javelins, Skis and Discuss using locally sourced birch from a small workshop in a side street in Helsinki way back in 1916. The company was then called Ab Sportartiklar Oy. Finnish birch was discovered to be uniquely lightweight and flexible and ideal for many Sporting implements, including running spikes that Karhu therefore started to develop.... Read More

Karhu Fusion Ortix 2021 Review by

When you look at the 100 plus years of Karhu’s history it strikes you that Karhu has always been a brand that is a step ahead. They were using Finish birch to give their spikes a bit of spring in 1916 and had ‘Air Cushion’ in their shoes in the 1970’s, before any other brand had started putting cushioning into their shoes. They noticed the drawback with cushioning in that it essentially makes you go ‘up and down’ through your cycle and not forwards. As a result, they developed the... Read More

FLOW Mini Massage Gun

Hands up who gets muscle tightness after a long run? I know I do. My routine is to drag the dreaded foam roller out and grimace my way through until my calves say “That’s enough”. It almost feels worse than doing a long session on the hills. I run pretty much every day and when I do that my calves let me know. A visit to a physio a few years ago resulted in me being recommended a foam roller as I had tight knots in my calves which meant... Read More

Brooks Catamount Review | Light & Fast Trail Running Shoes

The Brooks Catamount is designed to hit a niche in the trail running shoe market. Currently most trail shoes are one of two extremes; trail shoes designed for softest, muddy ground with long studs and a minimal level of cushioning or must more softly cushioned training shoes. These extremes were created because trail running races were almost non-existent and trail running was more for recovery. The races were found on fells, cross country or over mountains. Well studded minimal shoes were the best footwear for this kind of racing. In... Read More


Altra Escalante 2.5 Review | Zero Drop Road Running Shoes

The Altra Escalante is designed for those that want a light, responsive, cushioned ride. This would have been referred to as a racer/trainer back in the old days. Like all Altra shoes they are designed to allow the foot to function in the shoe. So, they are zero drop and have a broad rounded toe box. The original Escalante had a very soft ride to it. This is nice for trotting a long at a nice easy pace but, makes the shoes unresponsive when it comes to picking up the... Read More

La Sportiva Mutant Review

The LA Sportiva Mutant has been on the market for a few years now. It might seem funny to be spending the time writing about an ‘old’ model of shoe. Most running brands change their shoes regularly updating and altering. La Sportiva spend their time developing their shoes so when they come to market they are already tried and tested. So, they often stay unchanged for many years. The Mutant is one of those shoes and is worth a mention because it is a good shoe that often isn’t in... Read More

Hoka One One Speedgoat EVO Review | Cushioned Trail Shoes

The Hoka Speedgoat is well established as one of the most cushioned trail running shoes on the market. Named after Karl ‘Speedgoat’ Meltzer who has won more 100 mile races than anyone else you get the idea of what this shoe is designed for. The rocker that is in all Hoka shoes is positioned to allow the runner to run with a quick cadence and midfoot strike. The cushioning isn’t as soft and pillow like or bottomless like it is in other shoes designed for running Ultra’s in. The Speedgoat... Read More