Topo Athletic MTN Racer 2 Review

As the name suggests, the Topo MTN Racer 2 is designed for quicker off-road running. In reality though, the Topo MTN Racer 2 is a lot more versatile than the name would suggest! Like all Topo Athletic trail running shoes, the toe box is broad and rounded to give your feet the room to spread on impact. This allows you to get a good level of stability, cushioning and natural spring from your feet. The upper is now a tough breathable mesh, which is a lot softer and more breathable... Read More

Topo Athletic Phantom 2 Review | Cushioned + Low Drop

The Phantom 2 is the latest update to the Topo Athletic range of running shoes. It is a well cushioned neutral shoe designed for putting in the everyday miles and the longer runs. All Topo shoes are designed to allow the feet to function inside the shoes. This allows them to get stronger and gives you better balance and agility. To achieve this all Topo shoes have a broad rounded toe box so that your feet can spread on impact and the cushioning underfoot isn’t too soft. If you are... Read More

La Sportiva Cyklon Review | BOA Lacing System

The La Sportiva Cyklon is a shoe designed for Sky Races. These are mountain races on a mix of rough terrain very similar to fell running within the UK. The shoes have been partly designed by 6 time World Mountain Running champion Jonathan Wyatt. To paraphrase his words, the Cyklon is an ‘update’ to the very popular La Sportiva Mutant. Obviously, the first thing that strikes you about the La Sportiva Cyklon is the BOA fastening. When I first saw the sample shoes, I would be running in I thought... Read More


Inov-8 TRAILFLY ULTRA G 300 MAX Review

Inov-8 is a brand that has spent years developing shoes that stimulate your feet to function and have a feel for the technical ground beneath you. Inov-8 road running shoes are firmer and more responsive rather than soft and pillow-like like many, which is the current market trend. For Inov-8 to make a shoe with a midsole stack height in the heel of 25mm is a real step away from what they have previously developed. The midsole stack height of the Roadclaw 275 for example is 20mm at the heel.... Read More


Altra Lone Peak 5 Review

Intro Altra running shoes have now been on the market for 10 years and their very first trail running shoe was the Lone Peak. In 10 years the Lone Peak has developed to become one of the most popular trail running shoes we sell at and in-store. As well as the classic trail running version, there is now a Lone Peak ALL-WHTR (All Weather) and a Waterproof Lone Peak boot popular with hikers and fast packers. It would be a good idea to a base knowledge of the Lone... Read More


Hoka Mach 4 Review | Light & Fast Road Running Shoes

Intro & Weight The Hoka Mach 4 is, in effect, a Hoka Carbon X without the Carbon plate. The stack height, curvature of the rockers and composition of the midsole is all the same. It has been designed as a training shoe for those that enjoyed running in the Carbon X, which was really designed for the fastest sessions and racing. The shoes are incredibly light when you pick them up (Men’s UK 8 230grams). The rocker in the shoe and the soft initial feel to the cushioning makes them... Read More


Topo Athletic Ultraventure 2 Review | Low Drop Cushioned Trail Running Shoes

In May 2019 I reviewed the original Topo Ultraventure. Most brands tinker with their shoes and change them a bit every 6 months to a year. I think for a lot of runners Topo Athletic got it right first time, which is why they have waited 2 years before upgrading their most popular trail running model. If you have enjoyed logging the miles in your Ultraventure and it was the perfect combination of features, the idea of moving to the new one might worry you. There are always trends in... Read More

Topo Athletic Cyclone Review | Low Drop Road Running & Racing Shoes

Topo shoes are designed to give your feet the space to function. They all have a broad and rounded toe box so your feet can spread on impact. This means that your feet stabilise you. The planta fascia gets stretched to absorb the impact and then recoils and springs you into your next step. The foot function allows your feet to get stronger as you build up your running. For you to land on your midfoot with your foot under your centre of gravity all Topo shoes have a low... Read More

Saucony Peregrine 11 ST Review | High Grip Trail Running Shoes

Saucony makes their most popular trail shoe in three versions. The Peregrine 11 has an outsole designed to cover more hard packed terrain. There is a GTX version of the Peregrine 11 that has a Goretex lining and then the Peregrine 11 ST. The Peregrine 11 ST is the most aggressive member of the Peregrine family designed for softer and more broken ground. The Saucony Peregrine 11 ST has 6.5mm deep lugs on the sole of the shoes. These are designed to bite into soft muddy ground to give good... Read More

Altra Rivera Review | Zero Drop Road Running Shoes

The newest shoe in Altra road running range is the Altra Rivera. The Rivera drops into the range where the Altra Instinct/Intuition used to sit. That makes the Rivera more cushioned than the Escalante, which is designed as a racer/trainer for those faster runs and interval sessions. Conversely, it’s less cushioned than the Torin, which is Altra’s high mileage high cushioning road running shoe. If I had to label the Rivera, I would say that it’s a ‘performance training shoe’. Everything about the Rivera is light and minimal. The men’s... Read More