Hoka One One Evo Mafate 2 Review | High Cushioning Trail Running Shoes

The Hoka Evo Mafate 2 is designed to be highly cushioned for long days of trail running, yet also nimble and light enough to run quickly in. The heel to forefoot drop is 4mm, with a high 35mm stack height in the heel, to 31mm in the forefoot. For those not used to such a thick midsole you will initially feel taller in the shoes! As with all Hoka trail running shoes, the Evo Mafate 2 has a rocker. This is designed to roll you through the gait cycle and... Read More


Topo Athletic Magnifly 3 Review – P2 Road Test | Zero Drop Road Running Shoes

The Topo Magnifly 3 has the same midsole and outsole as the previous version. It is is a light, responsive, zero drop everyday training shoe. The midsole comprises a soft EVA under the foot to give a comfortable and initially soft feeling landing. There is then a firmer EVA underneath to give a more responsive overall ride, great for keeping you moving quickly and lightly on your feet. The stack height is 25mm and this coupled with a good toe spring makes this a shoe that you can easily run... Read More


Do I Need Orthotic Insoles in My Running Shoes? | Read Our Short Guide

Off the shelf Orthotic insoles are designed to offer some support for over pronation. When your foot hits the ground your foot rolls inwards slightly and your arch compresses. This is one of your bodies shock absorbers and springs you into your next step. In a strong neutral foot the arch springs back into shape and you push off from the end of your bit toe. If your foot isn’t as strong then the arch doesn’t spring back quick enough and you push off from the inside of your foot.... Read More


Brooks Dyad 11 Review – Part 1: Introduction to the Brooks Dyad

Obviously, no one shoe is for everyone. We all have different shaped feet and hit the ground with different forces. Some of us pronate and need some support in our shoes when others use an orthotic to give them some support. That being said, there is one at Northern Runner Newcastle that has been a top 3 best seller since it came on the market over 10 years ago.  The Brooks Dyad was created in response to the Dutch Brooks distributor wanting a stable, yet neutral shoe. Initially Brooks made... Read More


New Balance Tempo Review

The New Balance Tempo is the replacement for the beloved New Balance Zante. However, the Tempo is not just the Zante under a new name. As the name suggests, the New Balance Tempo is a shoe made for running at a faster pace. Compared with something max. cushioned like the 1080, if you prefer a firmer, less cushioned ride and naturally faster tempo in all your training, then the Tempo could even be your everyday trainer. For most people though, this will be a shoe for your tempo runs, steady... Read More


Topo Athletic Magnifly 3 Review – P1 INTRO | Zero Drop Road Running Shoes

Topo Magnifly 3 Review – Part 1: Intro For those unfamiliar with Topo, Topo is a brand that is all about letting the foot function. So all the shoes have a low heel to forefoot drop to allow a more natural, midfoot landing. The heel to forefoot drop ranges from 5mm to 0mm with a variation of cushioning levels/stack heights and different levels of flexibility. So whatever your skill level there is a Topo shoe that will meet your needs. The toe box is broad and rounded, more like a... Read More


Social Isolation Training Tips – Back to Basics Suggestions

As all events have now been cancelled it would be understandable if your running has lost of bit of impetus. As it doesn’t look like events will be back on anytime soon and to keep the motivation going to get out running, you need to change your goals and your emphasis. There are lots of things that you can do here are a few suggestions: – Start a time trial around one of your local loops. If you have a heart rate monitor or power meter you can run at... Read More


How To Run Your 1st Marathon – Using Pickups

A few years ago my sister in law asked me to help her train for a marathon. The lady in question, who we will call Doris, had been an asthmatic as a kid but had changed her diet and no longer used an inhaler. She had never been sporty but wasn’t anymore overweight than the average 30 plus lady. The motivation came from her University friends whom she met up with every year. They always chose a different location and as they were all sporty folk who ran regularly this... Read More


Topo Athletic Running Shoes Guide

  Topo Athletic is a running shoe company that makes shoe designed to work with the foot rather than replace it. For this reason they all have a broad rounded toe box which is much more foot shaped. This gives the foot the space to spread on impact to absorb shock. By spreading the planta fascia on the bottom of the foot is stretched out like an elastic band which not only cushions the landing but, also recoils and spring the foot off the ground. This spreading out of the... Read More


Hoka Torrent Trail Shoe Review

The ‘ATR’ in the Hoka Challenger’s name stands for ‘all terrain’. That means it has been designed to function just as well if the trails you are running on are hard packed and dry in the summer. The Challenger has the very distinctive pillow like cushioning of Hoka shoes. The soft midsole rides over the lumps and bumps in the trail in the same manner as your mountain bike tyres do. On the tarmac they feel just like a Hoka Clifton, which is Hoka’s top selling road shoe. In a... Read More