FLOW Mini Massage Gun

Hands up who gets muscle tightness after a long run? I know I do. My routine is to drag the dreaded foam roller out and grimace my way through until my calves say “That’s enough”. It almost feels worse than doing a long session on the hills.

I run pretty much every day and when I do that my calves let me know. A visit to a physio a few years ago resulted in me being recommended a foam roller as I had tight knots in my calves which meant my muscles weren’t working properly. This was quite painful and rather frustrating as I was training for a marathon. I purchased a roller and I must admit after the initial pain and discomfort my calves felt great. The physio was rather surprised as most people don’t get one when advised and the few that do get them tend to hide it behind the sofa. I use mine pretty much every day. If I don’t then the knots appear again and this has a huge effect on my training. The problem with using a foam roller is, apart from the pain aspect, is that it takes up time. It’s almost a full session on its own and who can be bothered after a long day?

I was asked to trial the FLOW MINI, a handheld massage device. This small device is designed to promote rapid muscle activation and recovery. The size of a small travel hair dryer and weighing only 800g it’s rather easy to use.

It has a high torque motor but is very quiet (below 60dB to be precise).

It comes with 4 different head attachments, Hammer, Bullet, Fork and Medium.

There are 4 different modes, Relax, Refresh, Recharge and Flow.

A full charge will give you 3 hours of usage.

I have to say I thought this was going to be a painful experience but in fact it was rather pleasant. Certainly not as brutal as a physio but just as effective. I sat and watched TV as I massaged my legs. Afterwards my calves felt quite invigorated. My run felt like I had new muscles. As I was doing a big mileage week I used it every day. First in the morning for a short time to warm my muscles up then in the evening to aid recovery.

I used the Hammer attachment as this is perfect on larger muscle groups. Not as painful as it sounds. I also tried the Medium attachment, this felt a little more intense but again not unpleasant. The Bullet attachment is used for more focused muscle treatment, if I’d had any knots I’m sure this would have made light work of them. The Fork attachment looks quite menacing but when used on my lower neck and calves it was very effective and not uncomfortable at all. The attachments are very easy to change, you simply pull it out and then click the next one in.

The settings were very interesting. Relax mode was as it sounds, very relaxing but very effective. Refresh mode adds a bit more intensity whereas Recharge mode is full power and really hits the spot. Flow mode is a gentle mix between Relax mode and Refresh mode.

I have to say I’m very impressed with this machine and I’m certainly a fan of the results. It’s not as much hard work as a foam roller and certainly cheaper than multiple physio sessions. It even comes with a drawstring bag so you can take it away with you (hand luggage if you’re going on a plane).

All instructions are included.

A great addition to your running regime with fantastic results.

Craig @ Northern Runner Newcastle

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