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Hoka Clifton 6 Review | Max. Cushioning Road Running Shoes

Clifton 6 Review — The Hoka Clifton is the shoe that changed Hoka from a niche Ultra Runners brand to brand for all runners. The original Clifton was a very light 220 grams with a 29mm heel and 24mm forefoot stack, had tonnes of bouncy soft energy and a fast feel due to the rocker increasing the runner’s cadence. However, is felt unstable and wore out quickly. Over the years Hoka has tweaked the shoe to get more life out of it, made it a touch more stable and last... Read More

torin_4_torin_4_plush_review 27/06/2019

Altra Torin 4 vs. Torin 4 Plush Review | Zero Drop & Foot Shape Road Running Shoes

Altra Torin 4 vs. Altra Torin 4 Plush — Intro Last season Altra launched the Torin 3.5 road running shoe in a mesh and knit version. These were essentially the same shoe, just with different fit and feel from the uppers. The Torin 4 comes in two completely different models. The ‘regular’ or ‘original’ model Torin 4 comes with a lightweight mesh upper and the sister model, Torin 4 PLSH or Plush, has an engineered knit upper. They also differ in cushioning (stack height) by 2mm. The Torin 4 stack... Read More


VJ Sports VJ Maxx Review | Cushioned Trail Running Shoes

VJ Sports VJ Max Review I was very excited when the VJ MAXx arrived in the post because I’ve grown to really enjoy the VJ Shoe brand with the VJ Irock2 being super aggressive and great for racing fast on the Lake District fells and the VJ XTRM with a wider toe box and slightly more cushioning being a favourite for longer fell races and sky races. Slipping the VJ MAXx onto my feet, I knew they were going to be a good fit for my feet. My initial impression... Read More


New Balance 890v7 Review | Low Drop Cushioned Road Running Shoes

New Balance 890v7 Review — When Northern Runner opened 21 years ago the hot New Balance shoe of the time for faster training sessions was the 826. It was firm, responsive and light but not cushioned enough for any easier runs. The New Balance 827 changed all that. A shoe that you could run fast in but, was also forgiving enough for some slower runs. This was a totally new type of shoe to the market. The latest New Balance 890v7 is very close to the old New Balance 827,... Read More


Topo Athletic Fli-Lyte 3 Review | Low Drop (3mm) Road Running Shoes

Topo Fli-Lyte 3 Review — The Topo Flylite 3 is Topo’s lightweight training shoe. Light enough to race in (M UK8 210g, W UK5 175g) but cushioned enough to do all your mileage in. The heel to forefoot difference is 3mm (23mm at heel and 20mm in the forefoot). So this is a shoe designed for those who already midfoot strike or those that want to run more efficiently and start to. Spacious Toe Box All Topo shoes have a broad and rounded toe box. This is more foot shaped... Read More


Altra Timp 1.5 Review | Cushioned Trail Running Shoes

Altra Timp 1.5 Review by Sharon Gayter I have been using Altra shoes for around a year.  My first pair was the original Timp and it was great to try the newest version Timp 1.5.   When they arrived I compared them to the original Timp.  The lugs and outsole looked the same, but I have heard there is a new rubber coating that should improve grip.  The midsole looked the same thickness but the flexibility was definitely superior in the Timp 1.5.  The uppers were of a different material and... Read More


Topo Ultraventure Review | Low Drop Trail Running Shoes

Topo Athletic Ultraventure Review — Topo’s latest edition to their trail running range is a highly cushioned grippy shoe. Like all Topo shoes, the Ultraventure is designed to work with your feet rather than prevent the natural movement of the foot. To do this all Topo shoes have a broad, rounded toe box that is more foot shaped than the norm. This shape and space lets your feet expand on impact to absorb shock, stabilise you and then spring you into your next stride. The fit of the heel is... Read More


New Balance Fresh Foam MORE Review | Max Cushioning Road Running Shoe

New Balance Fresh Foam More Review The Fresh Foam More by New Balance is a first attempt at a maximal cushioned running shoe. Max cushioning running shoes come with very thick midsoles and have become popular over the years with newcomers looking for comfort, long distance road/hard surface runners and/or those with joint or foot problems. The most noticeable thing about these shoes is that the day after a long run, when you expect to wake up a bit stiff and achy, with a bit less bounce in your legs, you... Read More


Topo Terraventure 2 Review | Versatile Off-Road Running Shoes | Northern Runner

Having enjoyed running in the original Topo Terraventure, I was quite excited about trying the second version of this shoe. Everybody’s trail is slightly different, so the perfect level of cushion and grip for one runner doesn’t cut it for someone else! The original Terraventure was more of an all-terrain running shoe than a trail shoe for UK conditions. Most of the top brand trail shoes you see are designed in the United States and either it doesn’t rain much over there or nobody runs in the rain! That’s mainly... Read More


Altra Timp 1.5 Review | Zero Drop Trail Shoes | Northern Runner

Altra Timp 1.5 Review Improvements to the Versatile Trail/R2T Running Shoe — The Altra Timp 1.5 is a highly cushioned Zero Drop off-road running shoe. Designed for Ultra marathons or long distance runs, it sits just below the maximally cushioned Olympus and above the more agile Lone Peak in Altra’s trail shoe range. The first thing you notice when you slip your foot into the Timp 1.5 is that your foot relaxes! The shape of the shoe is designed this way, to fit more naturally than lots of other running... Read More