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How Should Running Shoes Fit? Find the Best Running Shoes for Your Feet

A lot of the running niggles and problems that we hear about in the shop are down to the fit of the customer’s running shoes. Running shoes in general, from major high street brands in particular, started to take on a common shape and form and many people bought what they considered normal. A Quick History Lesson For example, it seemed normal for all shoes to have a pointy toe box and yet feet aren’t pointy and this shape squashes the toes into a small space and doesn’t allow them... Read More


New Balance 1080v10 Review | Running Shoe Reviews by

New Balance 1080v10 Review — The New Balance 1080 v10 is the latest version of New Balance’s most cushioned running shoe. The shoe is designed for the neutral runner to use for their everyday and longer training runs. Over the previous nine versions, the 1080 has built up a large and passionate following due to its comfort and fit, coupled with a careful balanced cushioning that is neither too hard nor too soft for most runners. The fit of the 1080v10 is further enhanced by a knitted upper that has... Read More

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Scott Supertrac 2.0 Review | Trail Shoe Reviews from

Scott Supertrac 2.0 Trail Running Shoe Review — The Scott Supertrac is our bestselling trail shoe in store. The reason for this is its versatility. As most trail shoes are designed either in the US or with the US market in mind, they often don’t have the combination of traction in wet muddy conditions and cushion/underfoot protection for hard packed trails that we need in the UK. This makes it difficult to find a trail shoe that is versatile enough to work in all the conditions you might encounter during... Read More

New Balance 1080v10 Review | Part 1 – Intro | Max. Cushioned Road Running Shoes

New Balance 1080 v10 Review Part 1 – Introduction The New Balance 1080 is a flagship road running shoe has now been around 10 years or so. The 1080 is New Balance’s most cushioned, neutral road running shoe and the new 10th version is actually considerably different to the 1080 v9. The upper is now knitted and much softer, with a bit of stretch. It still holds the foot firmly onto the shoe but feels a bit lighter and moves with the foot a bit more. This makes the shoe... Read More


Inov-8 X-Talon G 210 vs. X-Talon G 235 | Fell Shoe Reviews

X-Talon G 235 vs X-Talon G 210 Inov-8 has recently launched two new up dates to it’s X-Talon range. These are the Inov-8 X-Talon G235 and the Inov-8 X-Talon G210. The X-Talon range of shoes comes with 8mm long studs designed to grip wet and muddy terrain. These two new shoes have the same tried and tested sticky rubber but, this rubber has been mixed with Graphene. The Graphene makes the soft sticky rubber more durable without any loss of adhesion. It also makes the outsole more flexible and less... Read More

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How to Run a Bob Graham Round | Kim Collison’s Adventure

Record Breaking Kit for the Bob Graham Round — If you follow our blog or you are an avid fell runner then you will have seen that Kim Collison of Borrowdale Fell Runners made history on Sunday 1st December 2019. Kim lowered the Winter Bob Graham Record to 15 hours 47 minutes. A time which ranks as the 9th fastest winter or summer round. A truly remarkable achievement! For those not so into their fell running, the Bob Graham Round is a 24 hour challenge run/walk over 42 Lakeland Peaks.... Read More

Altra King MT 2 Review

In Altra’s trail running offering the King MT is the shoe with the most responsive, lower cushioning and the longest grips. It is designed for softer, more broken ground and yet it is still versatile enough for a bit of firmer trail terrain, with the studs still riding nicely. Like all Altra shoes, the King MT 2.0 is Zero Drop and has a broad rounded toe box, Altra coined FootShape. These are shoes designed to give your feet the room to function and being Zero Drop encourages a more natural... Read More

Altra Escalante 2 Review

The Altra Escalante has been Altra’s most popular shoe since it’s launch. The one piece knitted upper was soft and stretchy to allow the shoes to fit lots of different shaped feet. The cushioning was flexible and soft. All built around Altra’s foot shaped last. Providing a very comfortable broad rounded toe box for your feet to spread and function. So, how could Altra improve on such a popular shoe and have they managed to do so in the Escalante 2.0 ? The main gripe over the years has been... Read More

Topo MT-3 Review

The Topo MT-3 can be classed as a road to trail shoe. It’s designed to do it all. This is a tough ask as a shoe that is heavily studded and superb in the soft mud of your favourite trail doesn’t grip well or feel good on your local 10km. So, obviously there has to be a compromise. This is a compromise that the MT-3 does well. This is the type of shoe that I use a lot. Most of my runs are a mix of tarmac, hard packed tracks,... Read More

Altra Kayenta Review – Zero Drop Road Running Shoes

Most of Altra’s range of shoes are unique. So, to say that the Altra Kayenta is a unique shoe is nothing unusual. Like all Altra shoes the Kayenta has a foot shaped , rounded toe box too allow the feet to function inside the shoe. The shoe is zero drop, which means that the height of the foot inside the shoe is the same at the heel as it is at the forefoot. This promotes a more natural mid foot landing and allows the runner to run with a better... Read More