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suacony-peregrine-12-st-review 30/06/2022

Saucony Peregrine 12 ST Review

This week it’s the Saucony Peregrine 12 ST review, from the Saucony Peregrine family of grippy trail shoes. The ST version is designed for softer ground and has the longest and most spaced-out lugs of the three shoes as a result. The other shoes in the range are the Peregrine 12, which still has a well-lugged outsole is designed for firmer tracks and trails and the Peregrine 12 GTX, which is a waterproof version of the Peregrine 12. Whilst more aggressive, the Peregrine ST 12 is not a cross country... Read More

new_balance_1080v12_review 23/06/2022

New Balance Fresh Foam X 1080v12 Review

Finally, our New Balance 1080v12 review! The New Balance 1080v12 is a well cushioned everyday road training shoe. They are designed for those easy miles and long runs, with cushioning and comfort in mind. The heel to forefoot drop is 8mm, which would suggest that it is designed for more of a heel striker. However, the gentle curve to the midsole reduces heel strike and makes it easy to land midfoot. The light weight (men’s 292g and women’s 234g) is impressive for the higher level of cushioning, compared with say... Read More

Hoka One One Tecton X Review

This week we’ve explored Hoka’s carbon plated trail running shoe and reviewed the Hoka Tecton X. Road shoes that have a carbon plate in the midsole have been the road racing shoe of choice for those that want to go fast since their inception in 2016. The stiff plate, together with a rocker in the midsole increases your cadence, helps you maintain posture and springs you into your next step. This traditional carbon plate technology doesn’t work once you get off the tarmac. This is because you aren’t on a... Read More

Topo Athletic Magnifly 4 Review

This week it’s the Topo Athletic Magnifly 4 review. Topo Athletic make running shoes designed to allow your feet to function. The toe boxes of their shoes are rounded and roomy, to give your feet the space to spread on impact. The heel to forefoot drop varies but remains very low compared with traditional shoes. The highest is 5mm, then 3mm and some shoes are zero drop. The Magnifly 4 is a zero heel to forefoot drop shoe. The Magnifly 4 is designed as an everyday training shoe. It is... Read More

Altra Timp 4 Review

Altra’s Timp 4 is Altra’s road-to-trail type trail shoe and is next up for review. It’s made on Altra’s ‘standard’ last, which like all Altra shoes has a broad rounded toe box and is Zero Drop. Other shoes made on the standard include the Superior, Mont Blanc and Provision. The standard last is a snugger fit through the midfoot, has less volume in the upper and is slightly narrower in the forefoot than Altra’s ‘original’ last which is used for shoes like the Lone Peak 6 and Olympus 4. If... Read More

Saucony Ride 15 Review (Includes Guide 15 Review)

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been running around in my review pair of Saucony Ride 15, their neutral, everyday cushioned road training shoe. It is designed to be soft enough for those slower, comfy everyday runs and yet responsive enough for some fast running too, should it take your fancy. If you need a little pronation support then you could consider the Saucony Guide 15, which has all the same capabilities of the Ride 15 outlined below, but with some anti-pronation support built-in. If you ever need any help,... Read More

Hoka One One Mach Supersonic Review

To kick off the Hoka One One Mach 4 Supersonic review, let’s first consider what the “Mach” line is for. The Hoka Mach 4 and brand-new Mach 4 Supersonic are somewhat designed as the perfect training shoe to partner with the Hoka Carbon X. Running shoes with a carbon plate in are designed to help you go quicker but they do a lot of the work for your feet and ankles, so if you run in them too often your feet get weak and you could get niggles or injuries... Read More

new-balance-880v12 05/05/2022

New Balance 880v12 Review

By popular demand, my New Balance 880v12 Review! The New Balance 880v12 is designed as an everyday training shoe that will cope with the slower easy runs, quicker interval work and the long runs aka a very versatile road running shoe. New Balance 880v11 vs. 880v12 In comparison to the New Balance 880v11, the v12 version has changed quite a bit. The midsole is still New Balance Fresh Foam, which has larger bubbles in the heel and gradually get smaller as you get towards the toe. This is designed to... Read More

Lone-Peak-6-Review 05/05/2022

Altra Lone Peak 6 Review | Includes Lone Peak 5 vs. Lone Peak 6

The Lone Peak was Altra’s first trail running shoe and many years of development later, it’s time for the latest version, the Altra Lone Peak 6, to get its review and explore the difference between the Lone Peak 6 and Lone Peak 5. I am pleased to say that although it has changed a lot in the last 12 years, it has retained the brand’s identity. As with all Altra shoes, it is Zero Drop and has a broad, rounded toe box aka Altra’s trademarked FootShape. Altra shoes were designed... Read More

Altra-Torin-5-Review 27/04/2022

Altra Torin 5 Review

This week is the much-requested Altra Torin 5 review. The Torin is Altra’s everyday training shoe for the neutral runner. Like all Altra shoes the Torin is Zero Drop with a rounded toe box and is built on one of three lasts (foot shape form used in production). There are different amounts of volume and different widths. The Torin fits into the middle last, which is call ‘standard’. The toe box is still nice and broad and roughly equivalent to a 2E in other brands, but does have as much... Read More