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Acceleritas8-review 20/01/2022

Icebug Acceleritas8 Review

Icebug is a Swedish brand that was founded by a mother and son in 2001. The aim was to develop shoes that would grip in all conditions to reduce the chance of slipping in the Swedish off-road routes. They started developing shoes with metal studs in the sole to grip on ice and have developed the brand to offer grippy shoes for all surfaces. The Icebug Acceleritas8 is designed for those looking for a minimalist shoe that grips well enough for fell/trail Running in wet conditions, Swimrun events and obstacle... Read More

The Best Grippy But Cushioned Off-Road Running Shoes

“I’ve got a pair of cushioned trail running shoes, which are great on the harder tracks. However, as soon as I hit some mud or explore some fields I’m slipping about all over the place! I need more grip but don’t want to give up the cushioning. Help!” In the UK we are very lucky to have access to nice trails that we can often get to straight from our front door. However, as it rains a bit here(!) too you often need a trail shoe that has long enough... Read More


Inov-8 X-Talon 260 Ultra v2 Review

The classic fell shoe is light, flexible so that they can bend to the shape of the ground to give maximum traction. The studs are small and pointed to bite into soft ground. The rubber is super soft to stick to wet rock. The fit is snug to prevent the shoes from moving around on your foot as you traverse uneven slippery terrain. This is great if you are racing over a short distance and have a narrow foot. If you are going to be out for longer then a... Read More


Scott Supertrac 3 Review

Whenever a new shoe gets an ‘upgrade’ there is always and element of panic by those runners who loved the previous version. Well, you don’t need to panic about the new Supertrac 3. For those not currently enjoying running in a pair the Scott Supertrac 2/3 is our most popular trail shoe in store. This is because it combines a good grippy outsole that will cope with British mud but, also have enough cushioning and a durable enough sole to do a bit of tarmac on the way to your... Read More


Topo Athletic Terraventure 3 Review

Topo make running shoes that are designed to allow your feet the space to function. The toe box is rounded and broad which gives your feet the space to spread on impact. Your feet spreading when they hit the ground gives you cushioning, stability and spring from your feet. Also as your feet are able to work they get stronger. So, you are less likely to get any foot related problems. Topo shoes have a low heel to forefoot drop. This allows your feet, ankles and lower legs to function... Read More


VJ Sport Spark Review

VJ hails from Orivesi in Finland and was set up in 1981 by an enthusiastic Orienteer. In the last 40 years VJ has been using the best material’s available to make the best gripping and hard wearing trail shoes available. The VJ Spark is the latest model to enter the marketplace from the Finish brand. It is designed for harder packed trails than other long studded VJ models like the Xtrm and Irock . This makes it ideal for runs that are a mix of hard packed trails and softer... Read More


Topo Athletic Fli-Lyte 4 Review

The Fli-lyte has been a popular shoe in Topo’s range since the brands inception. Each version has been different to the last as Topo like all brands look to make the shoe better for its intended use. All Topo shoes are designed with a broad rounded toe box. This is so that your toes have the room to spread on impact and there to absorb shock, stablise you and spring you into your next stride. For the same reason the midfoot doesn’t have the same shaping as you get in... Read More


Ronhill Hyperchill Jacket Review

The Ronhill Hyperchill Jacket has been designed for those days when it’s a bit too cold for just a base layer. So, you need a little bit more warmth and weather protection. This is a tricky layer to get right for running as the moment you start to run you start to generate heat. The Hyperchill Jacket has been designed to be versatile enough to be used in 10 degrees but, still offer enough warmth when the temperature dips below freezing. To do this the Hyperchill Jacket is constructed of... Read More

Superior-5-Review 21/11/2021

Altra Superior 5 Review

The Altra Superior 5 is Altra’s lightest and least cushioned trail shoe. This doesn’t mean that it is hard or that it offers minimal protection for the foot. The stack height is 21mm which is a good level of cushioning. It is the same as the previous version and offers the same initial softness with ground floor feel. This is perfect for a shoe designed to allow your feet to function. As your foot can feel that it has touched the floor and gets the message to spread. This absorbs... Read More

Hoka Rincon 3 Review

The Hoka Rincon is a lightweight racer/trainer. That means that it is a shoe designed to be light enough to race in but, still offer enough cushioning for some training miles too. Usually shoes of this type have a firmer more responsive ride but, the Rincon 3 has a very soft initial feel to the cushioning. They even feel a bit softer than the previous versions. You would think that a shoe as soft as this would be designed more for slow recovery runs. As you sink into the midsole... Read More