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Ronhill ShakeDry Jacket Review

When I run, I generate quite a lot of heat and tend sweat a lot. For this reason and like many runners, I find that breathable waterproof jackets don’t breathe enough for me. I get hot and the sweat runs down my arms and pours out of the sleeve of the jacket. So, I am as wet on the inside as the rain is making the jacket on the outside! This makes me uncomfortable and dehydrates me, which leads to feeling fatigued on longer runs. As a result, I tend... Read More

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How to Run a Bob Graham Round | Kim Collison’s Adventure

Record Breaking Kit for the Bob Graham Round — If you follow our blog or you are an avid fell runner then you will have seen that Kim Collison of Borrowdale Fell Runners made history on Sunday 1st December 2019. Kim lowered the Winter Bob Graham Record to 15 hours 47 minutes. A time which ranks as the 9th fastest winter or summer round. A truly remarkable achievement! For those not so into their fell running, the Bob Graham Round is a 24 hour challenge run/walk over 42 Lakeland Peaks.... Read More


The Best Waterproof Running Jackets – Our Guide

We Compare Our Best Waterproof Running Jackets — Before we start, please get a jacket designed for running and not casual use–there’s prices for everyone. Some jackets are more waterproof than others, some are warmer and some are more durable. You also have different features and the fit and amount of stretch when worn. The best running jacket is therefore different from person to person.  It will depend on factors like what your weather is most likely going to be like and how long you are going to be out. The... Read More