Running Rewired Running Book Review/Experience

“Work on your core” sometimes seems like the answer to every running related question! Be it how do I get rid of this niggle or that injury or how do run further or faster. There are loads of YouTube clips of fit runners demonstrating exercises that most of us can’t do. The book Running Rewired aims to answer the questions around improving your core for everybody.

The book explains why you should build some strength exercises into your schedule and shows you how to work out the best exercises for you to focus on.

Last year my Daughter was starting to enjoy Cross Country at School. She didn’t do any training, just rocked up at the races and enjoyed getting muddy and the experience of racing. The only snag was that after every race her knees hurt. She was pronating. The problem with supporting kids’ feet to reduce pronation is the same issue everyone has. The more support you use the less your foot functions and so it doesn’t get any stronger. Which means your issue comes back every time the support wears out. With Children that are still forming and growing then this problem is even more of an issue. My Daughter had just had a growth spurt and is now taller than my Wife (although my Wife won’t admit it). This was part of the issue. The bones had grown but the stabilising muscles where still weak. So, all the rolling in was happening at the hips. Despite some orthotics the problem was getting so bad that when she ran she had pain from the off and couldn’t walk up the stairs after a run. Evening playing netball made her knees hurt.

So once lockdown hit we decided to work our way through the exercises. They look simple but you find that you can only do one or two of each exercise properly. After a few weeks my Daughter could run around playing tag with her siblings with no pain. A few months on and she was going out for runs on her own with no orthotics and coming back with no pain.

I have a bursar on the back of my right heel which I thought was the results of a broken foot years ago and have been putting up with the pain and issues associated with it. I did one set of shoulder exercises from Running Rewired designed to improve posture and had no pain from my heel for the whole hour I was running. Since then I have been religiously doing the exercise and now feel much stronger when I run and more balanced.

The key thing about the exercises is not that they strengthen up the muscles but, that they are designed to stimulate the correct muscles to work while running. So, you become more balanced and lighter on your feet.

You can easily do most of the exercises at home with a gym ball, broom, thera band, elastic and a broom. There are other more advanced exercises which require a bit more equipment but, you’ll still make great progress if you just miss these ones out as we have done.

You can just do a few exercises specific to any issues or you can work to strengthen and activate your running muscles. Depending on how motivated and how much time you have available.

I would recommend this book to all runners at all levels.

Charlie @ Northern Runner Newcastle

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