Social Isolation Training Tips – Back to Basics Suggestions

As all events have now been cancelled it would be understandable if your running has lost of bit of impetus. As it doesn’t look like events will be back on anytime soon and to keep the motivation going to get out running, you need to change your goals and your emphasis.

There are lots of things that you can do here are a few suggestions:

– Start a time trial around one of your local loops. If you have a heart rate monitor or power meter you can run at the same effort each time you do it and monitor how your fitness has improved.

It’s a good idea to use a short distance like 2-3 miles with a bit of a jog warm up and down. If you have 4-6 weeks in between the time trails you are more likely to see an improvement.


– Set distance challenges. Eg I wonder if I could run to XXX and back etc. If this is a really long distance then you would want to train for a few weeks before attempting it. This will give you the motivation to train. If you have a family member who can pick you up or the buses are still running then you can run out to a destination or get dropped off and run back. For example in Newcastle there is a disused railway line that gradually climbs out of Newcastle up to Parkhead Station. As you run along the lines the area you are running through gets less and less populated until you are out in the Durham Dales. This gives you the feeling of travel and the chance to escape for a while. There is a Café at Parkhead Station. You’ll have to check to see if they have decided to remain open in the current climate:


– If you have a particular weakness in your running you could work on this specifically for a period of time. The advantage of doing that now while there are no events is that doing anything new or different often makes your legs tired or stiff until you get used to it. With no events you have the time to focus on your weaknesses. If you test your current level. Then go away and work on it before re-testing a month later you’ll see the improvement. Which will add to the motivation. Remember to have a few easy days before re-testing so you’re not tired from all the training.


– Explore new places. Running is often the best way of seeing a place. So, why not put the time you would have spent going to race exploring.

Although National Trust are closing their Houses and Café’s at this time they are allowing free access to their more open gardens and grounds. Perfect for getting out in the fresh air and escaping for an hour or two.

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