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Altra Duo Zero Drop Running Shoes Review | The Duo is In Stock Now

Altra Duo — High cushioned or maximal cushioned running shoes are usually designed for the long slow ‘plods’. The easy Sunday runs. The cushioning is soft with little energy return and the shoes are all about comfort & protection. Altra’s new maximum cushioning shoe, the Duo, is different. This is a maximum cushioning shoe built for speed. As you would expect, the Duo is incredibly light at 224g (for a UK8). This is even more amazing when you consider that the midsole is 30mm thick. This weight is achieved by... Read More

Hoka Cavu Review Part 1: Intro | In Stock Now at

Hoka Cavu Review Part 1: A Short Introduction — The Hoka Cavu is part of Hoka’s new Fly Collection or PROFLY cushioning range of shoes. They are neutral, responsive training shoes. Ideal for faster paced runs but with enough cushioning for day to day miles too. At 230 grams for a men’s UK 8.5 they are certainly lightweight road running shoes. The initial heel strike is soft but not soggy, although not as pillow like as the heavier cushioned Hoka Clifton etc.. and the forefoot is firm and responsive to encourage... Read More

Topo Fli-Lyte 2 Review | In Stock at Northern Runner

Topo Fli-Lyte 2 Review — Born from Minimal Material & Maximum Natural Movement For many runners Topo is a new or unheard of brand. Topo was launched in 2013 by Tony Post, who has been in the footwear industry for 40 years. The goal was to not follow the industry gimmicks and trends and instead provide footwear that encourages a better running experience through instinctive and natural movement. As well as running a 2hr 25min marathon at Boston, Tony was also the guy that ran London and New York Marathons... Read More

Inov-8 X-Talon 230 Review | We Now Stock the X-Talon 230 at Northern Runner

Inov-8 X-Talon 230 Review — History: The X-talon 212 The first Inov-8 X-Talon to hit the market was the X-Talon 212. This was launched as a cross country racing shoe. It was very flexible, had 8mm long studs on the outsole that were well spaced out, so they wouldn’t fill with mud and it was light and low profile. It wasn’t long before the top fell runners in the country where also using the X-Talon 212 for fell racing. The sticky rubber gave superb grip on wet rock and the... Read More

VJ Sport Irock 2 Running Shoes Review

Irock 2 Review — VJ Sport, the makers of the Irock 2, are a Finish brand that was founded in 1981 to fulfill the need to make durable and grippy shoes for Orienteering. The Irock 2 definitely ticks all those boxes and is a shoe not just for orienteers but, for obstacle course racers, fell runners, cross country runners, trail runners and all those that require a durable grippy shoe. We first noticed the Irock 2 when British runner Jon Albon left his Inov-8 sponsorship deal to join VJ Sports... Read More

Altra Escalante Zero Drop Road Running Shoe | In Stock Now – New Colours!

Altra Escalante The Lightweight Road Runner & Racer — Stocked at and Norther Runner Newcastle, introducing the Escalante, the smash hit running shoe from Altra with its distinctive Zero Drop platform and FootShape toe box, that ensures you achieve a winning combination of best running form and maximum comfort. Designed for racing and training, but looking great anywhere, it enhances performance by improving natural body positioning.  It incorporates all that is the best in Altra Shoes including the trademark roomy toe box, which allows a wide toe splay to help stability, natural... Read More

Foot Shaped Running Shoes – Learn More and Shop Online with Us

Have Your Shoes Shaped Your Feet? Why Foot Shaped Toe Boxes Are, Rightly, Taking Over — My own feet were always very narrow with squashed up toes from wearing tight fell shoes for 30 years. After 10 years of wearing more foot shaped shoes I now have much broader feet, with gaps between my toes and a lot more movement. Running (and other) shoes traditionally tend to be pointy… yet feet aren’t. The reason for this unfortunately is fashion and not function. When we get customers coming into the shop who have been... Read More

Inov-8 X-Talon 210 Trail Running Shoes Review – ROAD TEST – In Stock at

Inov-8 X-Talon 210 Review Part 2 – Road Test —- The 210’s Roots A lot of Inov-8 fans will remember the X-Talon 190. This was the stripped down, lightweight version of the X-Talon 212. This shoe became the racing shoe of choice for lots of fell runners and a popular cross country racing shoe too. They where very flexible, which gave a real feel for the ground. However, this was a bit too much feel for some and the lightweight upper tended to get holes in it quite quickly. So, as... Read More

Inov-8 X-Talon 230 & X-Talon 210 Review – INTRO – In Stock at

Inov-8 X-Talon 210 & 230 Review Part 1 – Introduction The Next Generation of Grip? —- Where It Started – X-talon 212 Inov-8’s X-Talon 212 has probably become the most popular fell and cross country shoe in the country. Originally it was designed as a cross country racing shoe. The long studs would offer grip and were placed with plenty of space between them to avoid clogging, even on the muddiest of courses. The flexible shoe would bend to the terrain to maintain grip on even the roughest of surfaces.... Read More

Altra Lone Peak 3.5 Review | Zero Drop Running Shoe Reviews

Altra Lone Peak 3.5 Review — Altra’s Lone Peak 3.5 is the latest version of Altra’s most popular trail running shoe. The Lone Peak is so popular because it is so versatile. The cushioning is good enough for the shoe to be used on the road for a mile or two to get to your trail or even, at a push, for the odd road run if you have no alternative, feeling surprisingly comfortable for a trail shoe. The vibram outsole grips well on wet wood or rock and is well... Read More