Scott Pursuit Ride Review

This week we’re featuring the Scott Pursuit Ride review, the latest road running shoe from Scott Sports. Last year Scott launched the Scott Pursuit, a highly cushioned everyday training shoe with a very soft, pillow-like feel to it. To some runners this is bliss, exactly what they are looking for. To others, the lack responsiveness makes them feel like you are plodding along and lacking energy. Scott has designed the Pursuit Ride to appeal to those customers who prefer a more responsive energetic feel to their shoes.

The Pursuit Ride has the same stack height, the midsole is 30mm in the heel and 28mm in the forefoot to give an 8mm heel to forefoot drop. It uses the same ER2 Rocker geometry, and the midsole is also made from Kinetic Light foam. What is different is that the foam is firmer. It’s not hard by any means and there is plenty of cushioning, but noticeable more rebound.

I found the Scott Pursuit to be a very comfortable shoe and although designed for comfortable miles I didn’t have a problem going quickly. However, the firmer midsole of the Scott Pursuit Ride practically makes it harder to run slowly in, as the firmer midsole and the rocker urge you on! However, the cushioning is very comfortable, and you just need to be disciplined to make sure that your easy runs stay easy. On steady or tempo runs the firmer midsole feels smoother than the original Scott Pursuit. After time I found that they got more flexible, which made them feel less like ‘the shoe was in control’. It can be a common feeling in shoes that have a rocker (Hoka, Brooks Hyperion, Brooks Catamount etc..).

The rocker construction in Scott running shoes is designed to help you engage your hamstrings and glutes and pull your leg back. This increases cadence and allows you to run in a more upright posture with your feet dropping under your centre of gravity. Runners tend to lean forward at the waist. This can be something they do all the time or when they get fatigued. This stops you falling forward and makes you heavier on your feet. The rocker in the Scott shoes helps you reduce this and is considerably noticeable when customers visiting our Newcastle shop run up and down the corridor in a Scott shoe. The comments we get from the customers is that the shoes ‘feel light’ or ‘feel fast’. They are light shoes but no lighter than others they are trying on. By improving your posture, they make you lighter on your feet.

During my review miles the firmer midsole in the Scott Pursuit Ride makes it feel more stable than the original Pursuit. This is particularly noticeable when cornering at speed. The toe box is a bit more rounded at the front, which gives more space for your toes to spread. This feels more comfortable to me. I wear a lot of shoes that have a broad rounded toe box and find that those with a more pointed toe box like the original Scott Pursuit feel restrictive. Some of the stable feel to the Pursuit Ride will come from the fact that my toes can spread out a bit in the toe box to give me better balance.
The Pursuit Ride has the same external heel cup and broad base as the original Pursuit, which supplied that bit of stability required at the end of longer runs or the end of a big milage week when your legs are tied. The upper wraps around the foot to give a snug fit. The tongue is nicely padded. Although the toe box is straighter than on the original Pursuit, which gives a roomier feel to the toe box I wouldn’t describe the fit as wide.

In summary the Scott Pursuit Ride is a responsive feeling everyday training shoe that can be used for everything from recovery runs to long runs, as well as more exciting quicker running. The Scott eRide rocker helps encourage a quicker cadence and a more natural upright posture, which makes you feel lighter on your feet and there’s a little more room in the toe box.

Other Considerations

Scott Pursuit: If you like a soft pillow like feel to the cushioning of your running shoes. Then the Scott Pursuit is worth considering. Here is a link to our review:

Topo Specter: These have a broader more rounded toe box than the Scott Pursuit Ride. The cushioning is a cross between the two version of the Scott Pursuit. They also have a rocker so help with propulsion and cadence. Here is a link to our review:

Karhu Fusion: The Karhu Fusion has a Fulcrum rather than a rocker. Designed to do a similar job but, it is less noticeable, and the shoes have a more stable feel. Here is a link to our review:

New Balance 1080v12: These have a soft pillow like feel. Similar to the original Scott Pursuit. However, they are built for comfortable, cushioning miles and aren’t as quick as either of the Scott Pursuits in my experience. They are available in three widths Men’s and two widths Women’s. Here is a link to our review:

Hoka Bondi 8: At the same time as Scott have made the Pursuit Ride with a firmer more responsive midsole. Hoka have made the midsole of the latest Bondi softer. So, these have a pillow like feel. As with the 1080’s these are a good solid training shoe but, not as quick as either Scott Pursuit in my experience.

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