Scott Pursuit Review

I am more confident than ever that Scott, despite being known more for their brilliant trail running shoes, are going to move fast within the road running shoes market. The Palani and Palani Support were incredibly popular shoes at Northern Runner in Newcastle, where customers got to try on a brand of shoe that would maybe not have known before visiting. This was mainly down to the eRide rocker, which has been upgraded in their brand new Scott Pursuit.

eRide is a curved midsole designed to reduce heel strike and over-striding whilst increasing cadence and maintaining a more upright posture. You are lighter on your feet and use less energy. The brand new version of eRide or ER2 in the Scott Pursuit has been developed over 10 plus years and is the same as the curve used in the brand new Scott Speed Carbon RC.

The heel to forefoot drop is 8mm. That’s 30mm in the heel and 22mm in the forefoot so there is plenty of cushioning underfoot. The midsole is made from Scott’s Kinetic Foam Light. As the name suggests, it’s light with a good rebound.

The external plastic heel counter and broad base through the midfoot make the Scott Pursuit a very stable neutral shoe. This makes it ideal for running a broad range of distances, including the longest trips when you need a bit of help!

The heel cup is lightly padded like the tongue of the shoe. This gives the upper just enough padding to feel luxurious without feeling overly padded. The toe box feels broad and roomy. Roomier than the Scott Supertrac 2 trail running shoe. This is down to the stretchy knitted upper. Although the shoes wouldn’t be considered to be broad or ‘wide fit’ like a ‘2E’ fit, they certainly aren’t narrow. I am a big fan of the extra room to move. The shape of the toe box isn’t rounded like an Altra or Topo shoe, but it isn’t as pointed as other brands so your toes don’t feel like they are being pushed into a point.

All the structure of the shoe comes from the heel. The upper pulls in nicely over the midfoot. There are no overlays in the forefoot. This means that there is nothing to rub or impede foot function.

The shoes feel cushioned and comfortable when you first put them on. Just like you would expect a training shoe to feel like. Underfoot they feel instantly cushioned. The external heel cup wraps around the heel to give a firm stable feel at the heel. In other brands with this level of stack height your foot sits inside the midsole to give extra stability. In the Scott Pursuit your foot does sit a little bit into the midsole but, not quite as deep as other brands. So that would make the Scott Pursuit a better option for those runners that are broader than average through the midfoot.

The softness of the midsole and the degree of flex in the midsole means that you aren’t aware of the rocker when you start to walk about in the shoes. Don’t be fooled by this feel. I found that when I ran in the Pursuit it was easy to trot along. They feel very well cushioned but that doesn’t make them slow at all. I found that if I pushed the pace, the shoes responded, and I felt like I was effortlessly running along. The effort required to run at a fast pace feels less and means that you feel like you can ‘keep going’. This is very similar to the feeling that you get from the various carbon fibre plated shoes. It just shows how effective the ER2 rocker is in helping you to run in an upright and efficient manner.

Although the Scott Speed Carbon RC is a ‘faster’ shoe I found the Scott Pursuit a lot more comfortable and perfectly quick! Usually it’s pretty impossible to find a training shoe to use for your easy long runs, your speed work and even take to the races, but honestly this shoe will do them all. After the classic Palani, I was anticipating a good shoe. The Pursuit is a fantastic shoe.

Charlie @ Northern Runner Newcastle

Other Considerations

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