Would you like to run a Marathon to help a research study ?

Dear All,

I am a sports nutritionist currently studying for my PhD. I am currently looking for marathon runners who would be interested in taking part in a research project I am running at Newcastle University.

The aim of project is to investigate the influence of a new antioxidant drink on physiological stress from a marathon running event. The marathon event is the Coastal Marathon organised by the North East Marathon Club and will take place on Sunday August the 21st (http://www.northeastmarathonclub.co.uk/coastal.php). As part of your participation in this project, we will pay for your entry fee to the marathon. You will also be given a bag, with a water bottle and snacks and drinks upon completing the marathon.

Your participation in this project will involve the following:
• To complete and finish the Coastal Marathon on August 21st 2016.
• Completing 2 (no longer than 5 minute) visits to Newcastle University Nutrition laboratories – 1 visit will be in the week or 2 prior to the marathon and the second at any time on the day after the marathon. During these visits you will have a finger prick blood sample taken. These visits can be completed at any time of day, at times that are convenient for you.
• Consume a newly developed antioxidant-rich sports drink (which will be provided) for 4 days prior to the marathon, on the day of the marathon, and the morning after the marathon (2 x 250 ml servings per day, 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening).
• Complete a simple online 3-day food diary over the weekend of the marathon. Instructions will be provided.
• Have a finger-prick blood sample and your weight taken within 60 minutes before the marathon and 60 minutes after finishing the race (NOTE: These will be done on site and will take approximately 2 minutes to complete).

If you are interested in taking part please contact myself on tom.clifford@northumbria.ac.uk and I will send you further information and we can finalise your place on the study (NOTE: spaces are limited so please contact me registering your interest at your earliest convenience). Please feel free to forward this message to others who you feel might be interested in participating.

With thanks and best wishes,

Tom Clifford

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