Topo Terraventure 2 Review | Part 1 – Introduction

Topo Terraventure 2

Topo shoes distinguish themselves as a brand creating lightweight running shoes designed to work with the foot’s natural movement. That means all Topo running shoes have a rounded toe box, to encourage your toes to spread on impact and naturally function as they would if you had no shoes on at all. This means that you get cushioning, stability and propulsion and all from your feet, not just the shoes! One of the advantages of increasing this natural function is that your feet and lower legs get stronger and fitter the more you run, which reduces the chance of getting injuries.

In addition, Topo shoes have a low heel to forefoot ‘drop’. For example, a stack height of 30mm at the heel and 25mm at the toe leaves a 5mm drop. This promotes a more natural midfoot landing, again utilising your foot’s natural function, as you load the foot in the correct position rather than landing on the heel bone and relying on the cushioning of the shoe. Landing on your heel is naturally energy inefficient too, as you essentially stop the momentum every time your foot lands!

The Terraventure was designed as an all terrain shoe. That is a shoe that can cope with both road and trail or ‘road to trail’. For those looking for an out and out trail shoe, the original version’s outsole wasn’t quite grippy enough. So the major change in the Terraventure 2 is the outsole and grip. The outsole is now made of a Vibram rubber that is designed to give good grip on even wet slippy surfaces.

The lugs/studs are also a bit longer and now more spread out. This is to give better grip in the mud and reduce the chance of the outsole clogging up. This doesn’t make the shoe a die hard cross country racing shoe, but it does make it very versatile.

There is enough cushioning and underfoot protection for hard packed trails and yet the shoe is grippy enough to cope with the muddy tracks that we are blessed with in the UK.

The upper of the Terraventure 2 is also not as stiff as the original, so it will mould to your foot shape a bit better. That is good for even those with narrower feet who aren’t used to a rounded toe box, as it may feel snugger than you expect, but still have that space to spread out.

Topo shoes are very durable and I have always got plenty of miles out of my Topo road and off-road running shoes.

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