Topo Athletic Running Shoes Guide


Topo Athletic is a running shoe company that makes shoe designed to work with the foot rather than replace it. For this reason they all have a broad rounded toe box which is much more foot shaped. This gives the foot the space to spread on impact to absorb shock. By spreading the planta fascia on the bottom of the foot is stretched out like an elastic band which not only cushions the landing but, also recoils and spring the foot off the ground. This spreading out of the foot also stabilises the runner on impact which reduces and super nation or pronation.

The shoes coming in three different heel to toe drops. 5mm, 3mm and zero. All are quite low compared to many other brands. The reason for this is that a low heel to forefoot drop makes it more natural to land on your mid foot. This spreads any force between your foot, ankle, knee, hips and lower back. Which reduces the chance of getting and wear issues on the joins over time. It also allows the foot to spring as when your midfoot touches the floor the heel of the shoe isn’t also one the floor preventing the spring.

The cushioning isn’t hard to is firm. This is because your foot need to know that it has hit the floor in order to the message to spread out. So, if the cushioning was really soft and squishy then your feet wouldn’t function. You wouldn’t get that springy feet from your feet and your feet would get weaker rather than stronger.


Runventure 3

Lightly cushioned 0mm drop trail running shoe
Rock plate in the forefoot
Real fast, zippy feel

Terraventure 2

A 3mm heel to forefoot drop
A bit stiffer than the Runventure 3
A higher level of cushioning


A 3mm heel to forefoot drop
Same cushioning level as the Terraventure 2
A more road to trail suited outsole


A 5mm heel to forefoot drop
Highly cushioned for those who prefer a comfy, softer feel
From casual trail runs to Ultramarathon distances

MTN Racer

A 5mm heel to forefoot
A fast, lightweight trail racing shoe with a sticky rubber outsole
For a light & fast shoe with more underground protection



A 0mm heel for forefoot drop
Lightweight, lightly cushioned
Faster workouts/fans of a more minimal feel
Upper has very little structure and folds down for easy packing

Fli-Lyte 3

A 3mm heel to forefoot drop
Lightweight racer/ trainer
We love the fast feel


A 5mm heel to forefoot drop
Stability plate for more stable propulsion
Designed for tempo sessions

Magnifly 3

A 0mm heel to forefoot drop
Responsive everyday training


A 5mm heel to forefoot drop
Well cushioned everyday training shoe

Ultrafly 2

A 5mm heel to forefoot drop
Very well cushioned
Road equivalent to the Ultraventure
Touch of overpronation control

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