Salming Distance Running Shoes Technology


 Salming Distance Running Shoes – Running Technology Designed to Last

Before buying Salming running shoes, you’ll first need to decide which style; distance, speed, trail or race – depending on the type of runs you commonly take. Each style comes with its own carefully designed technology, so we’re giving you the highlights and how they help. First up is the Salming Distance range, with their weight reduction, stability and durability properties.

distance 7Salming Distance have been designed to last and as such, are built from super-durable materials. Salming know you aren’t always confined to smooth pavement so have insured your new pair of Distance running shoes are an investment!
distance 9For distance running Salming knew they had to maintain a light weight, whilst providing comfort in the form of a shoe that will help by adapting to your feet – including the snug heel.

distance 8 If you’re running long distances, comfort and protection are paramount. It would be easy to assume the ‘striped’ structures down the side of these shoes are purely for design, but the ease pressure and impact of the more delicate areas of the foot.

distance 5In addition to the tough, durable materials used when making the Distance range, the whole structure of the shoe is designed to last, holding its efficient running shape.

distance 6When running long distances you’ll thank Salming for keeping the Distance range lightweight, but not at the expense of a fantastic grip!

distance 4Comfort was clearly top of the list for the Salming Distance design team, including softening the impact of the ground with a fantastic, cushioning midsole (without being super-thick).

distance 3There’s a later for everything! Comfort, stability and protection from the elements of a mixed-surface run to keep your shoes in great condition, longer.

distance 1Don’t be confused by numbers, lines and angles – the design of the shoe ensures that your foot bends where it should naturally when running.

salming-running-shoes-technologyWe have discussed the correct running posture before, stable, relaxed and leaning slightly forward. The low degree ‘drop’ from heel to toe in the Salming Distance, Race and Speed models helps to maintain this posture.

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