Roseberry Topping Fell Race 2017

The next race in the Dave Parry Summer Fell Race Series is Roseberry Topping on Wednesday 30th August at 7pm. Registration is in the car park at the bottom of Roseberry Topping just south of Newton Under Roseberry on the A173. Entry is on the day only and £4. The event is organised by the National Trust. For those who aren’t familiar with Roseberry Topping this is the sharks fin that sticks out from the side of the North Yorkshire Moors as you look to the East when you are driving down the A19. The race is a classic up and down fell race. Although you can click here to see a map of the course you don’t really need one. You start on a big bridleway and run for 400 yards or so along this broken rough track before going through the gate. You continue straight on going down into a deep gully before climbing steeply to either cross or take the main track up Roseberry Topping. This is your choice. As from the gate you can take any route you wish to the summit and back to the gate. Dave Parry’s speech at the start of the event would go somthing like ‘ once through the gate you can take any route you want to the Summit and back to the gate. However, the record was set by using the track’. Robin Bergstrand’s Men’s record of 10 minutes 20 seconds was set back in 1992 and Gill Garratt’s Women’s record of 13 minutes 36 seconds was set in 1990. Both before the track was repaired with the stone type steps you see in a lot of national parks. This has made both the ascent and descent on the track slower so most runners now go straight up the steep mountain side and then cut south to join the track nearer the summit. The fastest way of the summit is down the scree cutting north to the track. Then you can either descent on the track or cut back across to come down the steep hill side. The latter is usually faster.

The best footwear for this event is fell shoes.

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