Roseberry Topping Fell Race 2015

When people think of fell races they generally think of the old profesional races. The short Up and down’s that used to be at village fates. These events are usually in the Lakes or Scotland but, here is your chance to run one in the North East. Roseberry Topping Fell Race is on Wednesday 30th September starting at 6.45 pm from the National Trust Car Park at the bottom of the hill. There is a map of the route (click here to view) but, this isn’t needed as you can go to the summit and back any way you wish as long as you don’t cross farmland. The race is 1.5 miles long with about 750 feet of ascent. For those not fmiliar with Roseberry Topping it is the ‘sharks fin’ shaped hill that you drive past on the A19 South of Middlesbrough. It is the perfect looking hill. For those who have never run these sorts of events before they are thrilling. One minute you are groveling at snails pace up a steep climb the next moment you are in free fall. One of our customers described this type of event as ‘Type 2’ fun. That is you get a real high once you have finished. Entry is on the night only. Have fun.

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