On CloudVenture Running Shoes Review

On Cloudventure

Review, Testing and First Impressions

Day 1: House test – worn indoors for two hours. My first thought is that the Cloudventure has plenty of width. I’m using the ‘mid top’ version and as such am not used to the built on debris stop, but shoe goes on OK and feels comfortable!

Day 2: House test no.2, so pretty much as before but for four hours. It is important not to skip these early stages.

Day 3: An easy run around the local park. On grass, damp conditions. Shoe feels grippy enough and certainly well cushioned. Sizing seems same as say Brooks or Inov 8 off road shoes. Five minute run on tarmac then onto grass. Comfortable so far on a small range of surfaces!

Day 4: Break!

Day 5: Road/off road. One mile road run, followed by five miles on a mix of man made and natural paths through our local wood. Some gradient but mainly flat, still damp underfoot today after recent rain. Shoe very grippy and certainly well cushioned for these three terrains. Included a mile pace run. Feels good with a good “push off” when increasing pace due to the CloudTec Clouds you’ll find on the bottom. My feet feel warm but I am interested to see how my feet would feel after very wet conditions.

“A massive plus point for me is how cushioned it feels on the tarmac/concrete.”

Day 6: Included my orthotics today, same terrain as yesterday. Tested out my running club 5km off road route. But then added on two miles off road on natural paths with some reasonable hills and went home on tarmac for two miles. On damp conditions feet feel stable, so grip isn’t an issue, feet are dry. A massive plus point for me is how cushioned it feels on the tarmac/concrete.

Day 7: Break!

Day 8: Today included orthotics again. A total of six miles on the beach and coastal paths this time and it’s a hot day.  My feet were dry and warm going over sand/sea puddles. Went on soft sand, flat firm sand, ribbed hard sand and coastal cliff paths of compacted stone/sand, some grass. Mainly flat terrain. All in all today; there’s enough grip, no issues with sizing & blisters, my feet are dry & warm and cushioning seems to be good. As mentioned before, for me I need to run on tarmac or concrete to get off road regularly, and this shoe has proven again it’s great for that.

“The [Clouds on the bottom] provide good shock absorption, then spring out to give you a good feeling..”

Overview – First Impressions


Oddly for an off-road shoe test, Ill start with the cushioning. Whilst I know it’s not as important as other aspects of an off road shoe, this Cloudventure has more than enough cushioning for tarmac running to get off road. I’ve kept mentioning it, but I am guessing 99% of people reading this would need to run on some hard ground to get to their favourite trail! 

On Technology

The famous On Clouds, the little “lugs” you’ll find on the bottom do provide good shock absorption, then spring out to give you a good feeling, similar to others in the On range. The sizing is good, no issues there. I have found it roomy enough, i.e. the toe box is OK for my bunions! 


On all the surfaces I ran on, be it sandy, wet and muddy, damp and just a little tricky or the dry, the shoe provided more than enough grip. That meant I was confident with a steady, easy or fast paced run.

I need to see what its like in the very hot days, interestingly if its not water proof it’s as near as, again Ill test that soon.

Iain Singer, NorthernRunner team. (UKA qualified coach, has ran marathon distance 60+ times)

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