New Balance Minimus Shoes at Northern Runner

New Balance have been at the forefront of the minimal shoes revolution that is sweeping the running market at the moment. At Northern Runner we have a selection of New Balances Minimus Shoes ranging from Zero differential shoes with little midsole to the 4mm differential shoes with a bit of cushion that are ideal for starting off. The latest shoe New Balance has developed the WT1010/MT1010 in it’s continuing quest to produce the perfect minimalist shoe. The shoe provides a minimal fit much like the popular WT10/MT10, with a touch more toe room, and adds a more traditional midsole thickness and a rockplate to give that bit more underfoot protection.
The New Balance WT1010/MT1010 is still low to the ground and the midsole is firm making it highly responsive. The rock plate is also very flexible unlike the rock plates in many rivals shoes. So, this still is a truely minimalist shoe.
The additional underfoot protection means that the New Balance WT1010/MT1010 can we worn as an everyday shoe on rougher trails and road without hammering your feet. Ideal for the minimalist runner wanting to give their feet a bit of recovery while churning out 100 mile weeks or an ideal starter shoe for those looking to reduce the heel height of their shoes and work on their form.
The WT1010/MT1010 like all minimal shoes is flatter than the more traditional running shoes with only 4mm difference between the heel and forefoot height compared with 12mm upwards that you would expect less minimal shoes to have. For this reason it is best to gradually get used to using these shoes if you aren’t already running in a minimalist shoe.
At Northern Runner we particularly like these shoes as the offer a great balance between between road and off road running. So, it is perfect for the mixed type runs that we like doing everyday.

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