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New Balance 1080 v10 Review
Part 1 – Introduction

The New Balance 1080 is a flagship road running shoe has now been around 10 years or so. The 1080 is New Balance’s most cushioned, neutral road running shoe and the new 10th version is actually considerably different to the 1080 v9. The upper is now knitted and much softer, with a bit of stretch. It still holds the foot firmly onto the shoe but feels a bit lighter and moves with the foot a bit more. This makes the shoe feel more a natural extension of your foot.


The midsole has a soft initial landing and then a smooth transition to a very positive forefoot. The 1080v10 is more flexible than the 1080v9 and doesn’t feel as substantial. Instead it has a much lighter and fluid feel. Although the shoe is still quite soft for faster running, the increased flexibility does make the v10 more versatile than the v9, which to me was a comfort shoe for plodding through the higher number of miles.

The heel to forefoot is 8mm, which makes the shoe more of a heel strikers shoe. However, 8mm isn’t huge, the heel doesn’t feel very prominent and the curve in the midsole means that the 1080v10 could also be enjoyed by the mid foot striker. They’re certainly worth a try.

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Charlie @ Northern Runner Newcastle

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