Inov-8 Trail Talon 275 Review

Inov- 8 Trail Talon 275 Road Test / Review

“Good to use on most off-road surfaces, certainly the ones I tried that included man made off-road paths, sand, stone, natural firm sandy soil, small amounts of mud, tarmac and concrete in small doses.”



Testing & Observations

Test 1:  The extremely important ‘house test’.  Any new shoes get worn indoors for an hour.  I notice the roomy toe box, just like Inov-8’s Road Claw.  I like the 290; I think this is going to be good. Good first impression so far!

Test 2: House test as before but for three hours for my feet to really get to grips with them and allow a bit of natural movement. 

Test 3: Short 3 mile easy road run.  Seems very much like a well cushioned road shoe, nice toe box. Shoe is also curved “foot shape”.  Mid foot is a nice snug feel, like the road claw, holding the foot well. I went for the same size as my other Inov-8 and all seems similar.

“..more than enough cushioning on this shoe for multi-terrain..”

Test 4: It’s 2 miles on road/concrete paths then 4 miles off road in our local woods. Wet underfoot, good grip on both road and off road surfaces.  There is more than enough cushioning on this shoe for multi-terrain, for example running on harder surfaces before entering tracks/trails/woods and so on!

Test 5: Another 6 miles on the Northumberland Coastal path including 3 miles of firm/soft sanded beach.  This is a well cushioned shoe!  As I am historically a road runner this actually to me feels like a road shoe with bonus grip.  I am noticing more grip than the 290 (which was my 53 mile Highland Fling shoe), more cushioned slightly, wider toe box too.  Again it can handle the usual road sections I’ll do on a trail race.

“..these are great for me and my wider feet!”

Test 6: Long run time, 15 miles including trail marathon route. Mix of beach, coastal path, sandy rocks, small amount of road/man made fine grit paths.  With orthotics this time.  These will be fine for a marathon or ultra for me.  No blisters or rubbing.  Feet got wet and dried OK too. As a road runner, these are great for me and my wider feet!

Test 7: Pace run.  But on our club 5 km off road course.  Plenty grip after a night’s rain, on a fairly well drained surface. I feel confident at pace and going around corners.



To me it’s an improvement certainly in terms of grip, width and cushioning on my usual favourite the Inov-8 Race Ultra 290.  Like the 290 it goes well on tarmac too.  That’s a bonus for me!!!

Handles well at pace or on a long run, I feel I can race or train in them without the need for two different pairs of shoes. The toe box is always going to be a big plus for me and many a person with a wider toe area. It would be a great performer on either road (its light enough for racing too), or man made/compacted trails.  Good to use on most off road surfaces, certainly the ones I tried that included man made off-road paths, sand, stone, natural firm sandy soil, small amounts of mud, tarmac and concrete in small doses.

If I want a tad more grip than my Race Ultra 290, this is it.  This would be better for the Highland Fling off road ultra with that more stoney surface and great for the Coastal Path races around the county. I would be confident at Kielder marathon with them too!

Verdict: Buy them if you want increased confidence tackling mixed terrain–including even the trickier muddy paths–and you will more than likely take a short road run to or from your favourite trail.


Iain Singer from the Team

Iain is a UKA qualified coach and has ran the marathon distance and over more than sixty five times.

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