Hoka One One Rincon 2 Review | Light & Cushioned Road Shoes

The Hoka Rincon 2 is a lightweight racer/trainer. As you would expect from Hoka they are a bit different to other shoes in this category. Usually the midsoles are firmer and responsive for shoes designed to run quickly in. The Rincon 2 is the exception. The ride is pillow soft just like Hoka’s everyday training shoe the Hoka Clifton. What makes it a quicker shoe than the Clifton is flexibility and the rocker.

Like all Hoka shoes your foot sits inside the midsole which means that you get a very stable ride despite the soft feel to the shoes. The rocker guides your foot through the gait cycle to help increase your cadence. This helps you keep your hips high and run with a more efficient upright posture.

The softness of the cushioning means that you can run slowly in these shoes and feel well protected. However, the Rincon does make you want to run quickly. You head out the door and the rocker takes over and you’re flying down the road.

In order to make the Rincon light the rubber on the outsole has been removed in places that you wouldn’t expect to get a lot of wear. This does make the outsole a bit less durable than shoes designed for everyday training like the Hoka Clifton 7. The cushioning is also not as deep as the Clifton 7 and others with a greater stack height. This doesn’t matter for shorter, quicker runs the Rincon is essentially designed for, but on long runs you do get less bounce from the midsole when you have been out a while. For that reason, I would suggest using the Rincon for quicker runs on a rotation with a more durable everyday-trainer. This way you can enjoy the Rincon on all the quick runs that it is best used for.

The Rincon is a narrower fitting shoe–a bit more than the Clifton–and is like the Hoka Torrent.

If you loved the original Hoka One One Rincon then don’t worry about the second version feeling too different. The only change is to the material on the upper, where the Rincon used a single layer material, and the Rincon 2 has a softer, double layer material. This doesn’t affect the fit or the feel of the shoes.

If you have narrower feet like mine and are looking for a shoe that has a light, quick feel, these are a very fun and fast shoe to run in.

Charlie @ Northern Runner Newcastle

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