Fox and Hounds Fell Race Results 2015

A fantastic night for the new course which was moved because of landslip, erosion by motorbikes/mountain bikes and nesting birds – the moor was wick with them. Leading away was Paul Butler having helped establish the course he knew where he was going.
He was pursued by Paul Whittaker, Steve Hardy, Chris Roberts and Ian McGrath. In the women’s event it was a clear lead at Crossley Side Farm for Becky Pentry being a good distance ahead of Nicola Kent and Kay Neesam. As the hills were climbed the race established a pattern with the same leaders, only at half way Mike Jeffries was coming into the picture. As they passed above Botton the field was now thinning. Lewis Rodgers was now up front ahead of the two Pauls, Mike and Steve. In the women Becky had extended her lead and Kay was now moving ahead of Nicola. At the finish Lewis won by a clear margin with Mike Jeffries in second and last year’s ‘summer’ champion Paul Whittaker third. In the women Becky was a clear winner ahead of Kay and Nicola. Nicola had some further reward however by leading her team to a team win. This emulated the men to give Loftus & Whitby both team wins. Well done to the first timers- no longer moor virgins! See you at ‘Ossy Oiks’ where I am short of two marshals. Don’t forget it is 50 points for marshaling or other support work like marking, sweeping etc. So points are a maximum of 350 +50 for support. Please don’t leave it to the last event – we had 14 marshals at Maybeck at the end of the
‘Winter Series’ … Best wishes … Dave

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