Fell em Doom 5km

Ashington Hirst Running Club are hosting the “Fell em Doon”. 5km on Sunday 11th December 10.30am start. For more details see the link below:

https://www.northernrunner.com/…/ashington-hirst-running-cl…/ [https://www.northernrunner.com/blog/ashington-hirst-running-club-fell-em-doon-5km-entry-form/&h=7aqgbayqxaqft_w0db8rmtwywlp6vhmz7sogles-bmoxcbw&enc=azmwu2l2qcdc56f2zqjves9wrrhlcblbqpfk1fhna3iq26dne4pjyikgta876htnbmnh05yinvytwi0yagchk3iyuucxyuoyugy0dqvslibzfshbgolhhessahpt17ff_sl9votod9-09-pe8-i-zzlqsfhspd4qsn-s5mls5qbrer1hze6bxzhjklomi53hcgu_ajlwiu9ni2vkzhltg6c-&s=1_green]

The name comes from the Ashington coal mine which was developed in 1846. It was known as “Fell em Doon”. Literally this would mean fall them down, but it probably refers to the sinking of the main pit shaft. The coal produced from the mine was sold locally. Our 5 km route is on what was the pit heap before it was reclaimed; this is now Ashington Community Woods. Very close by is the heritage trail which has many information boards on the mine and the areas history.

The running route is on firm compacted soil. We held our club championship on it on a very wet day in August. Most members ran with road shoes which was fine. Trail shoes with a light tread will also be good.

The course itself is almost two laps of the main wide path of the woods. Overall I describe it as flat. There will be a short slight rise each lap but there is a much longer slope downwards each lap including the long home straight of one side of the course. It will be well marshalled from the car park, the HQ and the short walk itself before the course. For me it’s flatter and faster than Druridge Bay Park run as a close local example, so definitely a PB course. We are waiting for Permit approval by UKA (I have this verbally, but not in writing yet). Then it’s on the Power of 10 website. Medal, water, sweets and special gifts in the goody bags to all finishers. Refreshments available (Tea/Coffee etc) at the start. Main prizes and age related prizes thanks to Northern Runner.

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