Chi Running Taster Day 15th June 2013

After the success of the last few Chi Running Taster Day’s Nick from Soul In motion is coming back to Northern Runner on Saturday 15th June. So, if you want to improve your running style or posture or your interested to see how you can run in barefeet or minimalist footwear then book in for a bit of coaching. There are two session each two hours long and they are free. You just need to book your place by emailing us on with your name, phone number and shoe size or give us a call on 0191 2614322. Then turn up on the day ready to run. Nick will video you before giving you some coaching and then video you again at the end of the session so you can see the difference as well as feel it. New Balance are lending us some of their Minimus Road Shoes (MR10)these are flatter and more flexible than ‘normal’ running shoes which allows you to feel what your doing better. The two sessions are 10am to 12noon then 1pm to 3pm. Each group can only be 6-8 runners big so if your interested then book your place now.

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