Castleton Show 10km Road Race Results

Well a good sunny day with a pleasant breeze set the scene for a good run. The winner of the men’s race was Paul Lowe who had had to gradually reel in a very fast starting Paul Butler. In the women’s event Lindy Stockdale put in a fantastic run to hold off the in form Rhona Haslam This means that the overall men’s champion for the Summer Series is Cameron Taylor of Esk Valley with Paul Butler of Loftus & Whitby in second and Dan
Middlemas of Dark Peak third. They also won the Junior Men’s The V45 and The V40 titles. In the women’s championship Kay Neesam of New Marske, despite late injuries was a clear winner with Rhona Haslam of Scarborough and Shelli Gordon of New Marske tying for second place.
Age Champs:- Male Open 1. Tim Whitehead – Esk V. 2. Paul Darroch Redcar,. 3.
Stephen Hardy L&W. Female Open; 1. Rhona Haslam Sc. 2. Shelli Gordon New MH
3.Georgie Hill North YM. Male 40:- 1. Dan Middlemas 2. Dean Stockwell Esk V. 3. Vince
Stockwell Esk V.
Female 40:- Hester Cox Thirsk &S., Julia Jackson L&W, Nicola Kent L&W. Men’s 45. 1.
Paul Butler 2.Bryan Saysell NYM 3. Rob Williamson L&W Womens Vet2. 1. Kay Neesam
2. Lorraine Hiles T&S. 3. Sharon Gayter NYM. Men’s V50 1. Julian Barwick NYM. 2.
David Robinson FRA. 3. Chris Jamieson Esk V. Womens Vet3. 1. Carol Morrison T&S. 2.
Aly Raw Bingley 3. Nicola Booth T&S. Men’s V55 1. Michael Bennett Elvet S., 2. Paul
Kelly Durham FR 3. Paul Munster Redcar. Female V4. 1. Sue Haslam Sc. Male V60; 1.
Mick McGurk NMH 2. Stephen Ramsden Esk V.3. Colin Scollay NMH. FV5. 1. Pat Kirby
T&S. 2. Jan Young Elvet. Male V65 1. Alan Wikeley T&S 2. Michael Hetherton Pickering
3. Barry Moody NYM. MaleV70 1. Ronnie Sherwood NMH 2. Phil Miles NMH. Overall
Team Champs:- Male; 1. Esk Valley ‘A’ 197. 2. Esk Valley ‘B’ 157. 3. North York Moors
157. Women 1. Thirsk & Sowerby 163. 2. Esk Valley 123. 3. Scarborough 120. Dave.

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