Captain Cooks Fell Race New Years Day 2015 Report and Results

A wet and mild winter’s day led to some slippery conditions but with spirit well into the ethereal blue the field soon absorbed the course in full celebration of the New Year. In the men’s event Paul Lowe returned to full form to gain his 6th victory in this event. The women’s was quite the opposite where a junior just old enough to run at this distance smashed the women’s record by two minutes – well done to Bronwen Owen. Click here to see the full results.
There was a record turn out with 270 seniors and 21 juniors competing. This raised £1953.00 which has been, or will be donated to:- ‘Remembering Rebecca,’ ‘Meningitis Research,’ Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team. ‘Yatton House’ and a small sum to support the local library. Many thanks to The Royal Oak for being such kind and helpful hosts and also to the many marshals and officials who did another fantastic job. The
number situation just gets worse and this year we had numbers on runners backs, backsides, the bottom of their joggers, in their bum bags, underneath packs and so on. It is often a wonder we get the numbers recorded. And then of course there is the runner who wants to wear his number upside down! Thanks to Dave Aspin we were able to go through all the photos to verify some difficult anomalies. Hope to see you next year and smash a few more records …. very best wishes ….
David Parry…

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