Brooks Dyad 11 Review – Part 1: Introduction to the Brooks Dyad

Obviously, no one shoe is for everyone. We all have different shaped feet and hit the ground with different forces. Some of us pronate and need some support in our shoes when others use an orthotic to give them some support. That being said, there is one at Northern Runner Newcastle that has been a top 3 best seller since it came on the market over 10 years ago. 

The Brooks Dyad was created in response to the Dutch Brooks distributor wanting a stable, yet neutral shoe. Initially Brooks made a tweaked, neutral Addiction. The Brooks Addiction is a shoe for those that heavily pronate (inward roll) and need a lot of support, but Brooks removed the pronation pillars to make the shoe neutral. Due to the broad base of the Addiction, this left a very stable but neutral shoe. As this shoe sold very well in Holland, the Brooks design team sat down to create a new stable and neutral shoe in its own right. Not a tweaked existing model.

The result was the Dyad.

As per above, the latest Brooks Dyad 11 offers a very stable feeling ride but is in the neutral category. This is due to the broad base of the shoe, as where other neutral shoes are often ‘cut away’ in the arch like the ‘perfect’ neutral foot, the Dyad is broad straight through the midfoot. It also has two stabilising pods at either side of the midfoot. These act like the stabilisers on your first bike. If you roll inwards or outwards as you go through the running gait then these stabilising pods guide very naturally help you back into line.

The Dyad 11 has a 10mm heel to forefoot drop and a firm-ish, stable cushioning. Remember if cushioning is too thick & soft and you sink into your shoe, your feet are less likely to strengthen and you are essentially slowing your own momentum each time you hit the ground. The toe box has a rounded shape. Not as much as an Altra or Topo shoe, but not as pointy as other Brooks shoes like the Ghost or Adrenaline GTS.

Great for Orthotic Users

The insole is deep. This gives it more volume than is normally available, to fit a bespoke orthotic if removed. For those that have heel lifts on their orthotics, this is a real gift as most other shoes are too shallow to get a good heel fit.

The Dyad is often the perfect shoes for supinators who wear down the outside edge of their shoes quickly. The stable heel and the stability pods often dramatically reduce the wear on the outside edge of the shoes.

For the more flat-footed person who does not pronate, the broad fit through the midfoot fits their foot shape better than the shoes that are cut away in the arch. This not only feels more comfortable but reduces blisters on the arch caused by the shoe being too narrow and rubbing. The Dyad 11 is available in half sizes and 3 Women’s and 3 Men’s widths. So you can get the perfect fit.

The stable feeling you get from running the Dyad is the reason customers keep coming back for the latest version when theirs have seen better days. As you would expect with such a successful shoe, the Brooks Dyad hasn’t changed a lot over the years. For those happily running in the Dyad 10 and worrying that the Dyad 11 might have been changed or ‘improved’ they don’t need to worry. The Dyad 11 has a slightly lighter upper but the base, cushioning and fit of the Dyad remains very much the same.

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