Altra Zero Drop | New Shoes Spring/Summer 2017

What’s new from Altra for Spring 2017?

Off Road

Altra King MT

Altra has a new and very exciting shoe coming into the UK market place. The Altra King MT is a low profile trail running shoe with more grip. The 19mm thick midsole is made from a more cushioned material so although it is thinner than the Altra Superior 2.0 or 3.0 it still offers a good degree of cushioning. The thinner midsole makes for a more stable off road shoe. So, you have more ground feel and your feet can react to this and therefore you have less chance of twisting ankles or knees. The midsole also contains a rock plate so you won’t feel the sharp stones coming through the bottom of the shoe. The outsole is a sticky rubber to give good grip on wet rock and has lugs that are 6mm in length to give good grip on muddy terrain. This is about the same length as Inov-8’s new Roclite range and slightly less than the popular X-Talon which has an 8mm stud and the Mudclaw which has a 10mm stud. However, the zero drop profile and flexibility of the King MT will promote a more midfoot landing making you lighter on your feet. So, they may well become rival shoes to Inov-8’s on the fells. A full review of the Altra King MT will be coming soon.


Altra Superior 3.0

Altra have up dated the popular Superior. The Superior 3.0 now has a sticky rubber outsole which will enhance the grip on wet surfaces. The durability of the upper has been increased and the grips splayed out a bit more to improve the traction. A few minor tweaks to a superb trail running shoe.

Superior 3.0 Womens Black Sky Blue

On The Road

Altra Escalante

The Altra Escalante is another new shoe  in the Altra range of zero drop shoes. The Escalante is a very light shoe designed to give a cushioned feel but, also be responsive enough to run fast in. The upper is knitted to give a snugger more fitted feel. The 25mm thick midsole is made from Altra Ego which Altra claim gives the shoe a fast ride with energetic rebound and minimal ground contact. In effect this shoe probably drops into the race/trainer category of shoes. A much needed addition to Altra’s range. Look out for our wear test coming soon.


Altra Provision 3.0

The Provision is Altra’s shoe for those that overpronate. Unlike other brands that use harder materials to prop up the feet and reduce pronation, which doesn’t allow the feet to function and get stronger, the Provision doesn’t. Instead it used a mixture of a Varus Wedge, Stability Pods and a Guide Rail to keep the feet going forward. This coupled with a zero drop and foot shaped toe box encourages the foot to function better getting stronger the more you run. The Provision 3.0 has an improved fit on the upper particularly at the heel and offers a touch more guidance than the previous version.


Altra Instinct 4/ Altra Intuition 4

The Altra Instinct was the very first Altra shoe. The new Men’s Altra Instinct 4 and Women’s Intuition 4 goes back to the last used in the Altra Instinct 1.5 which was the first Altra shoe that I purchased to run in before deciding to sell them in Northern Runner. This last shape gives plenty of room in the forefoot which was something that was decreasing in the recent models. The upper has a softer more fitted feel using a more engineered mesh. The new Instinct 4/Intuition 4 has a new EVA midsole with a decoupled heel for a softer initial feel and then a layer of A-Bound on top to give some energy return. The feel of these shoes will still be more responsive than the highly cushioned Torin although it should have a slightly softer feel than the current model.


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