Altra Torin 4.5 vs Torin 5

Altra started life as a running shoe brand designed to allow the feet to function naturally within the shoes. All Altra shoes are zero drop to promote a more mid foot landing and have a broad rounded toe box to give your feet the room to spread on impact. This gives you cushioning from your own feet, stabilises you and springs you into your next step.

As Altra has grown and the brand has been bought and sold new designers have come in who didn’t believe in the concept of building shoes that allow your feet to function. So, the shape and fit of Altra shoes has changed as the brand has tried to sell to customers who didn’t buy into the concept.

The new range of Altra shoes will have a few different last shapes to accommodate the fit that different customers want. The Torin 5 has been made on the traditional Altra shaped last. So, it has a broad rounded toe box with a good amount of volume in the toe box. This is to give your feet that free feeling so that they can function unhindered inside the shoe. This is a different fit to the Torin 4.5 which had less height in the toe box and less width.
For those who loved the earlier Torin’s then the Torin 5 launch will be what they have been waiting for. If you really enjoyed the Torin 4.5’s snugger fit then you might prefer the fit of the Altra Rivera which is made on a similar shaped last to the Torin 4.5.

The images illustrate the difference in shape and width between the Torin 4.5 (blue shoe) and the Torin 5 (coral). These are the Women’s models. The Torin 4.5 is a UK 6 an the Torin 5 is a UK 6.5. The length is the same. The Torin 5’s have come in small fitting. So, we would suggest trying half a size larger than you use in the Torin 4.5 or Torin 4. If you haven’t used Altra previously then the length of their shoes is similar to Inov-8, Adidas, Salomon or Topo. If you use a different brand then email us and if we have experience of it we will be able to advise you further on the fit

The advised fit is to have a thumb width of space between the end of your longest toe and the end of the shoes. This is when you are standing up in the shoes with them laced. Width wise there should be no bulging at the sides and your toes should be free to wiggle.

If you haven’t run in Altra’s before and have been using shoes with less room in the toe box and a higher drop then Altra shoes will allow more function in your feet, ankles and lower legs. For this reason it is a good idea to gradually increase the time you spend in the shoes. This way your feet, ankles and lower legs will get used to the extra movement and get stronger without getting overloaded. It’s a good idea to alternate with your previous shoes. Wear the Altra’s for one run and then your previous shoes for the next run.

The midsole of the Altra Torin 5 is now Altra Ego Max. This is Altra’s most cushioned midsole. The shoes are more flexible than the previous models and the cushioning feels smoother and more natural than the Torin 4.5 which had a very bouncy feel to them. The firmness is somewhere between the Torin 4 Plush and the Torin 4. They aren’t in anyway zippy. Altra have focuses on makes the Torin 5 a comfortable everyday mileage shoe.

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