Altra Timp 2.0 vs Timp 1.5

The Altra Timp is Altra’s well cushioned trail running shoe. Designed for mainly hard packed trails but versatile enough for some tarmac and some wetter trails too. Like all Altra shoes the Timp has a broad and rounded toe box aka FootShape and is Zero Drop. In combination with each other, these two aspects of Altra running shoes allow your foot to both splay on impact & function inside the shoes whilst giving them room to expand as they land and naturally warm up. You are even encouraged to run with an arguably better, more natural upright posture.

Timp 1.5 (Above)

N.B. I found that I needed half a size larger in the Timp 2.0 than I wear in the Timp 1.5

The Timp 1.5’s have a very roomy roe box. This was mainly due to the slightly off centre lacing. For those runners who don’t have broad feet or their feet haven’t started to spread on impact, this room was even seen as a bit excessive. The Timp 2.0, although still broad with the usual Altra rounded/foot shaped toe box, has a bit less volume. Essentially the toe box isn’t as high and the lacing system is no longer off centre, so it pulls the toe box in more effectively. Depending on your foot shape and whether you like a snug or roomy fitting shoe will depend on whether you view this as an improvement or not! The upper is also snugger in the midfoot of the Timp 2.0 as well. This may make you feel more aware of the shoe if you’re not used to feeling well held in this area. However, when running on rougher ground or contouring you don’t get your foot moving around inside the shoe as much.

Timp 2.0 (Above)

The Timp 2.0 is lighter. Not to say that the Altra Timp 1.5 was at all heavy, but you can detect a difference in the weight when you have them in your hands. This is achieved by some changes to the upper construction and using a full Quantic midsole. Quantic is a lighter, softer and more bouncy feeling material that is also used in the Torin 4 road running shoe and the Superior 4 trail running shoe. The midsole also has inner flex grooves that reduce the amount of midsole material used. The Timp 2.0 does have a plusher and more cushioned feel than the Timp 1.5. This takes away some of the feel for the ground and does make the shoe feel more a little more like a cushioned road shoe with some grip. That could be ideal for those running on the harder ground and spending time on the roads to your favourite off-road bits!

The Timp 2.0 fits a two point gaiter rather than the four point gaiter that fitted the Timp 1.5. So it has a hook at the front of the laces and the Velcro tab at the back, but is missing the two loops at the side that were on the Timp 1.5.

The outsole pattern of the Timp 2.0 is more aggressive than the Timp 1.5 so it will grip better on the slightly wetter trails. However, the outsole pattern is still designed more for firmer trails so the Timp 2.0 is not a bog hoping shoe.

In summary the Timp 2.0 is a very different shoe to the Timp 1.5. A plusher more road like ride with a slimmer, snugger fit.

Charlie @ Northern Runner Newcastle

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