Altra Lone Peak 7 Review

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Lone Peak 7 Review – In Depth Look

09-01-2022 – Naturally, with the Altra Lone Peak 7 only having been released and us only just putting on a pair, we don’t have a full several-hundred-mile review in just yet. However, some important first impressions will form Part 1 of our Lone Peak 7 review and will help customers to decide if they want to pre-order and reserve their size in anticipation for the Lone Peak 7 launch.

The Lone Peak 7 is formed on the Original Fit last (like a mould for footwear used in the factories), which is the most rounded toe box of the range. In addition to this, the Lone Peak 7 comes in regular or wide fit. Rather an increased width at the base, the volume of the wide fit is increased.  The Lone Peak is Altra’s first ever Zero Drop running shoe, now in its 7th version after a TONNE of feedback from new and experienced runners alike. You have a 25mm stack height, the more nimble feeling Altra Ego midsole that you will find in the Escalante to help keep you feel quick on your feet and plenty of grip from MaxTrac outsole, which attempts to fit the gap between grip and durability on firmer ground.

Lone Peak 7 vs. Lone Peak 6

When asking “how does the Lone Peak 7 compare to the Lone Peak 6?” there are a few obvious initial points. The upper of the Lone Peak 7 has been tweaked to feel a lot more secure, which is especially useful on the most technical terrain. The protection over the toe of the Lone Peak 7 has been increased too, to improve the lifespan of your Lone Peak 7 when running through sharper undergrowth.


The Lone Peak 7 is also somewhat stiffer around the base of the heel cup. Now, this isn’t necessarily designed to offer any pronation control as such. Even neutral runners who require no pronation support tend to roll slightly inwards or outwards eventually. After a period of running, the midsole of your running shoe stops returning back to it’s original position, due to compression set in the midsole. When this happens, the runner’s foot has no choice but to come to rest in the direction of the compression set upon landing. This can exacerbate the runners inward or outward rolling. The small plastic support that stiffens up the heel of the Lone Peak 7 will reduce how much the midsole will twist inwards or outwards and reduce the chance of the shoes getting twisted.

There is also greater rubber coverage on the outsole to increase underfoot protection and durability of the outsole. Plus a built in stone guard to protect the bottom of your feet from sharp rocks and roots.

If you’re getting really messy off road, a Velcro tab at the heel is there to attach an Altra Trail Gaiter.

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