Altra Intuition 4 Womens Zero Drop Running Shoes Review

Altra Intuition 4.0 Review

The Altra Intuition 4.0 is the newest version of this great all round women’s road running shoe.  A few of the new features are a decoupled heel, modernised, engineered mesh upper and extra rubber on the toe area of the outsole. The updated midsole has a more flexible and slightly softer initial feel from the box. Which makes the shoes hit that sweet spot with less breaking in.

Women’s Altras Aren’t Just a Different Colour!

Women’s feet are different to men’s feet anatomically in a few ways. Most Women have a narrower heel and midfoot, higher instep and a  longer arch. Altra is the first to introduce an entire line of truly female-specific shoes. Not just Men’s shoes made in smaller sizes & different colours. Every last of Altra women’s running shoes has been moulded around the unique shape of the female foot.

Women’s Altra shoes being shaped for women’s feet is important not just to give the wearer a great fit and feel but, also to allow the woman’s foot to remain in a naturally relaxed position, which would allow the foot to function as nature intended. The zero drop, flat mid sole encourages the runner to land on their mid foot. This not only allows the foot to spread out on impact, giving the runner natural stability, cushioning and propulsion but, the foot will hit the floor further under the centre of gravity. So, there is less breaking force than landing on the heel bone with your foot in front of you, which is the running style that most other brands encourage.

Fit & Feel

This shoe is the best version so far as the fit is more snug and the shoe cups the heel nicely under the ankle, rather than being a little bulky as the previous version felt. The shoe feels lighter than previous versions, and running in them is comfortable and light. Having had previous heel injuries on the base of the heel, these shoes allow a perfect mid foot landing and so have aided recovery by keeping impact off my heel and prevented any re-occurrence of the injury. I also used them during my pregnancy and they’ve been perfect. I’ve run up to 35 weeks, and in previous pregnancies have had to resort to a stability shoe from about 28 weeks, to allow myself to keep running without niggles, however, these shoes have helped me run with good posture and stopped me waddling!

Although I enjoyed running in the Intuition 3.5 it didn’t quite reach perfection. The new Intuition 4 has addressed a few little problems; the upper is softer and more flexible, making it feel lighter on my feet and there’s no heel slippage.. it’s great.

Wear & Tear

The outsole durability has also been improved. On previous versions of the Intuition Altra only put rubber in the area’s where they expected the most wear to occur. Although this hasn’t really been a problem, some customers have been concerned that the area’s of midsole not covered in a carbon rubber showed evidence of wear quite quickly. So, the Intuition 4 now has quality rubber covering the whole of the outsole. Although the extra rubber in the midfoot could have cause the shoe to be stiffer, there is increased flexibility in the midsole, making this unnoticeable, feeling light and un-restrictive on your feet as mentioned previously.

In my opinion the Altra Intuition 4.0 is a fantastic road shoe to improve form, built for the true shape of your feet.

Written by Morag Stead

ex British International Athlete and working mother of three who runs twice most days.

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