Altra Instinct 3 Running Shoes Review

Altra Instinct 3 Running Shoe Review – A 3rd Generation of Improvements


The Altra Instinct 1.5 – My Introduction to Zero Drop

The Instinct was Altra’s first shoe and it has come a long way in just a few years. I bought the first version from the US when Northern Runner was on the look out for better brands as more and more of the established brands where making soft mid-soled shoes with high arch supports that where causing our customers problems. At first the broad toe box was very alien, making the shoes feel very roomy. The firmness of the mid-sole also made the shoe feel very hard. The flexibility was poor at first a bit like shoes used to be when I was a boy. The feel of the shoe just got better and better the more I wore them. The mid-sole also turned out to be very durable too. I put over a thousand miles on them before retiring them when the upper started to get holes in. This is twice as much as you would normally expect to get from a running shoe. One of the reasons for this durability is the tough, well built mid-sole and another is the improvements in running style that comes from running with a better posture in a zero drop shoe. “You don’t plough the heel of the shoe into the ground with every stride but, tend to land more under your mid-foot.  Putting the shoe under less pressure.”

“You don’t plough the heel of the shoe into the ground with every stride but, tend to land more under your mid-foot.  Putting the shoe under less pressure.”



Altra Instinct 3 (Orange and Black) – Review

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The Instinct is now in it’s 3rd incarnation and has improved a lot. The shoe still has a foot shaped toe and is still wide to allow your toes to spread out to absorb shock and give you some stability as your foot touches the ground. However, there isn’t quite as much volume and the upper is a better fit so the shoes doesn’t  feel as roomy. The feel of the mid-sole was firm but, with a little bit of cushion. This was a much nicer ride from the box than the original instinct and I loved them from the start.

The feel of the shoe has got better the more I have run in them as it did in the original Instinct. The Instinct 3 is also much more flexible so it feels more like part of your foot. The mid-sole is also much more responsive and feels like it gives you some spring with every stride. Part of this will be the shoe flexing a bit more and allowing your foot to work better and part of it will be the improved A-Bound cushioning in the mid-sole. I have covered 400 miles in my current Altra Instinct 3 and they feel fantastic to run in. I have used them for easy morning runs, 3 hour road runs, fartlek and interval type sessions in fact all the running I do. I do alternate shoes, so I never run in the same shoe twice but, I do run twice a  day quite often so the Instincts come round again quite quickly.

Next time you are in the market for  new pair of running shoes the Altra Instinct 3 is definitely worth a look.

If you are not used to shoes with a low heel to forefoot you will need to follow a short transition when first using this type of shoe. For advice on this transition, to avoid injury please give us a call or click here to contact us.

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