Altra Escalante Zero Drop Road Running Shoe | In Stock Now – New Colours!

Altra Escalante
The Lightweight Road Runner & Racer

Stocked at and Norther Runner Newcastle, introducing the Escalante, the smash hit running shoe from Altra with its distinctive Zero Drop platform and FootShape toe box, that ensures you achieve a winning combination of best running form and maximum comfort. Designed for racing and training, but looking great anywhere, it enhances performance by improving natural body positioning

It incorporates all that is the best in Altra Shoes including the trademark roomy toe box, which allows a wide toe splay to help stability, natural cushioning & propulsion plus preventing rubbing.  The fully cushioned platform with Zero Drop between the toe and heel  encourages a natural forefoot stride, making you feel quick on your feet to go harder and farther in both racing as well as training.

The upper is constructed of no stitch synthetic engineered knit that is soft and stretchable. As well as being lightweight, it moulds snugly around the foot like a sock’. It has a lace closure which allows minute adjustments to the fitting of the shoe. The new Altra Ego and Innerflex provide comfortable but lightweight cushioning with better rebound.


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