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How Does the Altra Escalante Compare with the Escalante Racer?

The Altra Escalante has become one of Altra’s most popular Zero Drop road running shoes. It’s a running shoe designed to look fashionable (it does look great) yet also perform when you hit the tarmac for a road run. Although the Escalante has a relatively low level of cushioning, it has a softer ride to it, which is not typically ideal for faster running and racing.

To retain the aesthetic style, yet provide something for the experienced, faster runners, Altra has developed the Escalante Racer. It has a similar knitted upper, although not quite as soft and stretchy. The firmer hold on your foot gives you a more sturdy and confident feel, especially when cornering at higher speeds.  The mesh upper is also more open and breathable, as it’s likely you’re buying these for fast, hard working sessions or races. Although the midsole is made of Altra’s Ego, the same as the Escalante, the racer version has a firmer, more responsive midsole, which means this feels really quick to those (like me) who like to move quickly, with a feel for the ground and use the strength in their feet rather than pillow-like cushioning.

It’s naturally ideal for races or beating your times on your favourite routes!

The Escalante Boston Racer has been made to commemorate the 2018 Boston Marathon and is made in the Boston Marathon race colours.

Charlie @ Northern Runner Newcastle

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