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Support Shoes - Do I Need Them?

Do You Actually Need Support Shoes?

We are happy to help you determine whether a support shoe is right for you by analysing some specific video footage that you can send to us at if you cannot make it into the store in Newcastle or Otley.

We recommend contacting us first to answer any questions.

Cost of Analysis

The cost of analysis with no subsequent purchase from is £20, or FREE with any running shoe purchase.

What Is A 'Support Shoe'?

Some running shoes are designed with a different mid-sole to neutral shoes. Different brands have different names for their specific support mid-sole technology e.g. dual-density post from New Balance, GuideRail from Brooks and J-Frame from Hoka.

Who Needs A 'Support Shoe'?

Our support shoes are designed for runners who experience mild to moderate overpronation or inward rolling.


What Footage Should I Capture?

1. Barefoot knee bend.
- Capture this both facing towards and away from the camera, with feet a shoulder's width apart. Whilst staying planted on your heels, bend your knees down and forwards.
This helps us determine your flexibility.

2. Short run (use a more neutral shoe).
- Rather than on a treadmill for instance, place your camera in a position just off the ground, so everything from the knee down is visible, and run a few natural paces away from the camera on flat terrain. Fell free to capture a few different attempts.

Terms and Conditions

Any use of the advice offered by Northern Runner from your footage is done so at your own risk. Everybody is different and every running shoe is different. Under no circumstances does this advice extend or change in any way, normal warranty and/or refund conditions. Our normal refund/warranty conditions can be found HERE.

For example, under no circumstances would a used running shoe be refunded, regardless of advice that may have influenced the decision to purchase.