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Great North Run Tips and Advice

Taper : Your final long run should be no closer than 7 days before the event and from then you should be reducing your training so you are fully recovered and race ready on the day. It is best not to stop training completely as this can lead to stiffness and lethargy. So, keep some light jogging going in the week before.


Diet : Don't eat more in the run up to the event. As you are reducing your running and eating normally you will be getting an increased amount of food anyway. Stay off the alcohol the night before the event. A light breakfast is best made up of oaty things that will release energy for a longer time. So, food like Porridge and Muesli is good. Jam is not so good due to the high sugar content.


Drinking: Be fully hydrated before you start by drinking enough the night before and in the morning. As toilet facilities are limited at the start it isn't advisable to sit sipping water or electrolite drinks at the start unless it is a hot day. During the race itself be aware that your body can only absorb about a mouthful of water at a time so the rest will just slosh around in your stomach. So, try to drink a mouthful at each feeding station rather than waiting until you are thirsty and then downing a bottle.


At the start line: It is usually a cool morning so put some old clothes or a bin liner over your race kit. You can then stay warm as you wait in the pen ready for the off. Then you can throw your bin liner/old cloths away and your muscles will be warm ready for the action.


The race itself : It is downhill from the start to Gateshead Stadium and then the course undulates more than most runners expect. So, start off slowly and look to have a good second half. It is far better to be waving to the crowds on the seafront and enjoying your day then willing the finishline to come quicker.


Good luck and enjoy your day!