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ON Clouds Review - Best Running Shoe Ever ?

The following review was sent to us by Richard Burney the On Representative that visits Northern Runner and a swift runner who runs for Liverpool Harriers.

On the Cloud front it’s been very interesting.  Whilst retailers didn’t quite see the full extent of it’s performance credentials at sell-in stage last year, I don’t think even the majority of the On team really quite understood the shoe and thought of it as almost a versatile 24/7 leisure shoe that was runnable.  The penny has most certainly now dropped as our own Nicola Spirig (2012 Olympic Tri gold) has made them her go-to shoe, and I received this back from a Run Fast athlete this week.  They are Mizuno sponsored but he was interested to try these.  A guy at Run Fast sent me the photo and I just asked if he could reach out to the athlete and get his thoughts on the shoe and got this back in a few hours….
I really liked the look of the On Men’s Cloud and having wanted to try a pair of On’s for a while now decided to get myself some. First impressions were great, really light with the best cushioning I have come across from a shoe so light. I have had the shoe for about 4 weeks now and run over 500miles in them and they still feel pretty much as good as new. I was a pacer in the Barcelona Marathon for the elite women and completed the race in 2.32. Normally in a shoe of equivalent weight (I’ve traditionally worn the Adidas Adios or Mizuno Ronins) my feet would be sore for a day or two after running the marathon distance, the day after Barcelona I ran another 20miles as both my feet and legs felt fine, which says a great deal about the protection the cushioning gives. I have used them for my long runs, speed work and hills and they work well for all these different types of training. I am a natural mid foot striker and the On’s really help propel me onto my forefoot helping with my stride length and speed. I feel more efficient whilst wearing the On’s.
Two (very) small negatives, the grip isn’t the best in the wet and sometimes a stone will get stuck in the gaps.
In the last 10years I have run over 40,000miles and these are definitely the best shoes I have ever worn.

Our founding father and shoe designer is saying to everyone i told you so.  During the whole creation process it was only ever to be a performance shoe in his mind.
Unlike the traditional Cloud platforms that offer a truly unique ride, this foam EVA execution of the cloud does not ask anything of the wearer as there is a ‘normal’ amount of contact surface area so you don’t search for your stability and activate muscles and posture to the same degree.  However, there is still a curve to it at heel and forefoot so that you get a similar rocker movement to Scotts and Kahrus. 
What it does still provide though is that slide into the step as the Cloud elements, just like the rubber outsole execution, deals with vertical impact but also has lateral movement allowing you to slide into the step in a way that conventional midsole slabs just cannot, hence your man’s recovery rate above.  That and the fact he’s beasting 500 miles in 4 weeks!
Whilst at 198g in US 9 they weigh lighter than most racers, they cushion at least as well as the hybrid or racer/trainer category to achieve performance and protection.  Whilst we treaded lightly at sell-in stage, have every confidence in getting them on feet as we now have the luxury of tried and tested feedback to reassure us that they cut it. 
One thing I would say is that they feel like a different shoe when you really tug through the elastic lace and tie it off, or better still weave the conventional lace in.  they way they come out of the box looks pretty but like any shoes, they’re not quite good to go if you are running in earnest as you’ll slide a little in the shoe and not activate the cushioning elements effectively.