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Learning to Run


If we watch a running race usually the faster runners on the whole have a quick flowing style. If you watch a big international race on television then all the runners have a great flowing style. So, is this style the key to running quickly?


For many years we have been told by coaches and the running press that we run the way we do because of pre-determined physiological and biomechanical factors and this can’t be changed. Yet people learn to dance, change their golf swing, and learn to swim and a whole host of other complex movements.




A few coaches have developed methods of teaching runners to improve there running action. The goal being to run lighter with better posture to achieve a more effortless stride and hence run with less injuries and quicker with less effort.




Chi Running is one of these methods of learning to run. Nick Constantine is a Chi Running Coach from Soul in Motion and has agreed to run some taster sessions at Northern Runner on Saturday 28th July. The session will be about 2 hours long and will only involve a small group of runners so Nick will be able to give some personal coaching to everyone to point them in the right direction. The sessions are free and you can book your slot by ringing Northern Runner on 0191 2614322. There are a limited number of places so if you are interested please book early. We have no indoor facilities so come prepared for the weather.