Waterstones Silverlink hosts runners ‘Ed & Phil’ for running workshop day

Source of great last minute advice for Great North Run entrants

‘Ed & Phil’ (Edward Chapman, 57 from Bude in Cornwall and Phillip Howells, 64 from Ledbury in Herefordshire and partners in their sports distribution, agency and publishing business), who between them have run over 200 marathons and many other races including a number of Great North Runs in the past, will be present at the Waterstones’ Bookshops Silverlink branch near Newcastle Upon Tyne on Saturday 3rd September to host a ‘running workshop’ of advice and information for runners shaping up for the Great North Run two weeks later.

The pair are well known in running circles for their exploits as ‘extraordinary ordinary runners’ who are willing to tackle anything from extreme events in arctic and desert conditions to more fun oriented events such as the recent UK Backward Running Championships over just 1 mile. They regularly hold running workshops and seminars with their retail customers throughout the UK and have been invited motivational speakers on a number of occasions. Their key message is of the substantial benefits of an active life to overall fitness and health, under their business slogan of ‘motivation for an active life’.

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