There has been a lot of talk in the press about barefoot running and its aid to injury prevention. It you want to avoid injury and run forever then you need to consider building in some barefoot running to your training. If you run in barefeet then you naturally land more midfoot. So, you don’t need to think about pointing your toes. You just need to alter your posture so you are more up right and gradually let your feet get used to absorbing the shock and get used to using the sensory information you get from your feet feeling the ground. As your feet have probably had the heel raised in shoes from an early age and been rapped in protective shoes it will take time to get all the tendons and ligaments working again. So, we recommend doing just one short session a week to start with. This would start with running a minute, walk a minute and gradually build up from there.

Of course you can’t run barefoot on the city streets due to glass and other debri. So, Northern Runner has got hold of some Vivo Barefoot shoes. These shoes have a very think glass proof sole. So, you can feel the floor and get your feet working again without running the risk of standing on sharpe objects.

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