Saucony Peregrine 12 ST Review

This week it’s the Saucony Peregrine 12 ST review, from the Saucony Peregrine family of grippy trail shoes. The ST version is designed for softer ground and has the longest and most spaced-out lugs of the three shoes as a result. The other shoes in the range are the Peregrine 12, which still has a well-lugged outsole is designed for firmer tracks and trails and the Peregrine 12 GTX, which is a waterproof version of the Peregrine 12.

Whilst more aggressive, the Peregrine ST 12 is not a cross country racing shoe, which often require metal dobbs for such extreme grip. Although it has 6.5mm lugs that are well spaced out to avoid mud clogging, the shoe isn’t flexible and nimble enough for cross country racing. It fits into a category of trail running shoes that have enough grip to cope with some muddy, soft ground and yet are still cushioned enough for some running on harder tracks and trails. In effect a trail shoe that is versatile enough for a British winter!

The midsole is 22.5mm thick in the forefoot and 26.5mm thick in the heel giving a heel to forefoot drop of 4mm. There is also a thin, flexible rockplate in the forefoot to give your feet extra protection from rocks and roots. The midsole offers some cushioning but feels responsive. You can run quickly over rough, broken terrain. If I was to try and compare it with other styles in stock now, the Peregrine ST 12 doesn’t have the feel for the ground of the NVii Terra TT, but offers more protection, a similar level of protection that you find in the Scott Supertrac 3.

The upper is made from a tightly woven nylon that is designed to prevent mud from sticking to it and reduce the chance of any grit from getting into the shoes. The laces are covered with a mesh shield and the tongue is gusseted to further reduce the chance of mud or grit getting in the shoes. The speed lacing system makes it easy to slip the shoes on and pull them tight. The excess lace can then be pushed under the mesh shield to keep them out of the way. The ease of getting the shoes off and on I particularly liked. The laces don’t get covered in mud due to the mesh shield, so there was never an issue with the lacing.

The rubber is soft and sticky, giving good traction on wet surfaces. It is also durable enough not to wear down too quickly when used on harder tracks and trails or some tarmac.

The Men’s UK 8 weight 289g, which is 25 grams lighter than the previous version. The fit is also slightly broader than the Peregrine 11 ST. The toe box is also less pointed. My only issue with the Peregrine 11 ST was when descending, where the pointed toe box didn’t allow the room for my feet to spread on impact. The slightly less pointed toe box in the Peregrine 12 ST is a lot more comfortable. The ‘ST’ versions of the Saucony Peregrines tend to have more volume and width than the standard Peregrine, despite being made on the same last. This is likely to be down to the construction of the upper.

The Saucony Peregrine ST also feels more cushioned compared with the standard Saucony Peregrine. This is because the longer lugs do provide some cushioning on the harder surfaces. The ST’s also have a bit more of a ‘roll’, which makes them feel a lot smoother than the more minimal feeling standard version of the Peregrine.

In Summary, the Saucony Peregrine 12 ST is a versatile trail running shoe that offers long enough lugs to give some traction in the mud, yet enough cushioning for firmer days or firmer parts of your favourite routes. You won’t be using it on the road like road-to-trail running shoes, but those shoes simply will not grip like the Saucony Peregrine 12 ST when it’s muddy, and it’s more fun running on the muddy bits!

Other Considerations

Scott Supertrac: The Scott Supertrac have been the top selling trail shoe in our Newcastle store during the winter months because they where the only trail shoe that offered deep enough lugs for traction in the mud while also being cushioned enough for the harder trails too. They are stiffer than the Peregrine ST which gives them more of a roll on the harder ground. On rough and broken ground the bit more flexibility of the Saucony Peregrine ST allows them to ride the contours of the round more effectively. Here is our Supertrac 3 review which will give you some more information:

Icebug Capra: A more rounded toe box and a straight big toe line gives these more space at the toes. Which allows for more foot function. They aren’t a lot broader elsewhere and so wouldn’t be considered a wide fitting shoe. The RBX9 rubber is exceptionally grippy on wet rock and other wet surfaces. The lugs are a similar length to the Peregrine ST and also well-spaced.

NVii Terra TT: Lighter and nimbler than the Peregrine. These look and feel more like a nimble fell shoe. However, the cushioning is a lot softer. Here is a link to our review for more information:

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