Learn Chi Running in the North East

There is lots of talk in the media at the moment about natural or barefoot running. To be able to run in minimalist shoes or no shoes at all you need good style and good posture as well as strong well developed feet. We would advice visiting a running form coach to learn proper technique. How many times when you are flying along do you have this image of Seb Coe or Steve Ovett in your head only to run past a shop window and see the real you. So, what you think you are doing isn’t always what you are doing so going to spend time with a coach such as Nick Constantine of Soul in Motion is money well spent. Nick can help you use the right running technique and then teach you how to practise it so you always run with good posture. This will reduce injury, make running easier and make you run faster. to visit Nicks website click through from here.

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