Guisborough Woods Race 2011

The next race in the Northern Runner/Esk Valley Winter Fell Race Series is Guisborough Woods Race on Tuesday 27th December. Registration is at Guisborough Rugby Club and the race starts a short jog away at 11am.

Click through to see a picture presentation of the route. The race is three laps totally within the forestry (although a few trees are missing from the top end now). The highlights are a steep groveling climb through what is an old quarry, although it doesn’t look like that now, and then a fast descent on a single track through the trees. As you do each of these three times you have time to perfect them. Which usually means your descents get faster and as fatigue sets in your ascents get slower.

Still it’s a good way to run of the excess ready for the next round of over eating and drinking at New Year.

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