Dartmoor Mountain Marathon

After a few years of deciding we where no longer fit enough due to injury, illness and general busyness Bob Johnston and Charlie Stead (Northern Runner) have decided to get back into Mountain Marathon’s. In the hope that thier bodies remember that they can run for two days they have entered the Dartmoor Mountain Marathon. This is in the classic KIMM/OMM, Saunders, LAMM, Mourne type style with two days of navigating to a fixed set of points and then camping out with the kit you have carried and then do the same the next day.

Bob is currently riding Tour De France stages in the Pyrenes in the hope that some last minute training on the bike will help his body remember he used to be super fit. While Charlie is putting his feet up for a week hoping the extra rest will do the trick.

To see how we get on see Northern Runners Facebook or news section. For more info on the Dartmoor Mountain Marathon and other races in the deep south click the link.


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