Barefoot Debate

Click here to read an interesting article about Barefoot Running by Biomechanics Expert Danny Orr. Then read the comment from the retailer who has tried barefoot running below. It all adds to the constant debate on the subject. The truth is probalbey somewhere between the two. What we would advise at Northern Runner is that if you want to change your running style to land more midfoot then do it gradually and work on posture with drills. I have two compressed discs and over the last 3 years I have changed my style and all my back pain has gone. So, I am an advocate of learning better running posture. However, if you do too much for your current skills level you will get injuries. A good way to start is to skip barefoot like the boxers do for a few minutes then do a short run of a minute or so and you will run with good posture. Do this once a week for a few weeks then build it up. Running in your normal shoes inbetween.

Depending on how much running you do and how skilled you are it is my feeling that most runners will need a higher protective shoe than a fivefingers or Terra Plana Evo to run in regularly like the Saucony Kinvara, Newton’s or ON Shoes.

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