Altra Lone Peak 2.5 Review ¦ Latest Zero Drop Running Shoes

The Altra Lone Peak 2.5 is the fourth generation of Altra’s Lone Peak range, their medium cushioned trail shoe. This shoe is an extremely popular choice at Northern Runner because the combined level of grip and cushion make this a great road to trail shoe for the UK.

The Previous Generation Lone Peak 2.0

I have been happily running in the Lone Peak 2.0 for a year or so now and so I was interested to see what improvements Altra had made. Firstly I thought it would be a good idea to start at the beginning, so let’s look at the Lone Peak 2.0. Firstly the little rubber studs on the front of the outsole wear off pretty quickly. This isn’t really a problem as you should be landing on your mid-foot where there are much larger more sturdy grips. So, although these little studs have worn away I haven’t experienced any lack of grip compared to when the lugs where there. This will be the same for most runners.
Secondly the volume in the upper was a bit too much. It made the heel a bit slippy so you had to butterfly lace the shoes to pull the heel in. Although once the shoe was tied this way it wasn’t a problem at all, I am sure it will of put a lot of runners off from trying these great shoes. The volume in the toe box and mid-foot could be solved by pulling in the laces but, again until you have bedded the shoe in they didn’t feel a perfect fit. All that said the Altra Lone Peak 2.0 was surprisingly comfortable from the off. I mainly use them for longer runs as they didn’t feel flexible or responsive and a little stiff for running fast in. However, when you had been running for a few hours the firm supportive feel of the shoe was definitely a plus and helped maintain good posture as I was getting tired.
The midsole of the Lone Peak 2.0 was great. I never felt any rocks or stones coming through the bottom of the shoes even now when the shoes are very well worn.


Lone Peak 2.0 Worn Front Studs Never Caused Much of a Problem


The Upgraded Lone Peak 2.5

So, how does the Lone Peak 2.5 compare? Firstly they are noticeably much lighter. The fit is such an improvement. The heel is snugger and to me fits perfectly. The forefoot still has the Altra foot shaped toe box but, there is less volume so despite this the shoes feel like a snug fit. The outsole has been firmed up so the little rubber studs do last longer. Although they do wear down eventually.
My concern with a firmer outsole is that harder rubbers are more slippy on wet rock and tarmac. However, although the outsole is a touch more slippery in the Lone Peak 2.5 compared with the Lone Peak 2.0, it is only marginal. It is still a capable grippy shoe all in all, but if you’re taking on the tough muddy stuff, explore our dedicated fell running shoes. The ride of the Lone Peak 2.5 is great straight out of the box. The shoe is much more flexible than the Lone Peak 2.0 and a bit softer too. It doesn’t feel at all clumpy and I have been using it for steady runs as well as long runs.
From a durability point of view the stiffer firmer midsole of the Lone Peak 2.0 does last longer. However, the Lone Peak 2.5 still lasts a reasonable length of time and has an easier ride.


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Transition to Zero Drop Running Shoes

As with all Altra shoes both the Lone Peak 2.0 and Lone Peak 2.5 are zero drop shoes designed to help promote good posture when running. If you are not used to flat shoes then it would be advisable to do a transition to these shoes. Getting used to them on shorter runs to start with and alternating them with your current shoes.

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