Aengus and Francis have a great LAMM !

Ex Northern Runner Employee Aengus McCullough together with Francis Blunt (both Northumberland Fell Runners) had a great run in the Elite Class of the LAMM last weekend. Finishing third on the first day they made the chasing start and then lost a place and gained a place to finish in third overall at the end of day two……. All this despite forgetting their day two food and only having 2 Go Bars between them on day two. Maybe they went so well because by not carrying the extra food their bags where lighter ?

Aengus and Francis finished 2nd in the A Class a fewyears ago which won Northern Runner the Retailers Mountain Marathon award. Interesting the pair that beat them on that occasion finished just in front this time around too.

For full results and picture click the link to the LAMM website.

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