February 2017

Shoes for Trail Running | How Trail Running Shoes Should Fit

How Should My Off-Road Shoes Fit ? — Trail Shoes 30+ Years Ago When I first started fell running, British brand Walsh was the dominant force. They have always been small-fitting shoes and as such, you used to buy them snug and ‘customise’ them to your foot. You would put them on and stand in a bucket of water! The upper would stretch and take the shape of your foot (they also turned your feet and socks blue!).  You did this because it was believed that you needed a tight... Read More

What Running Shoes Should I Buy? Northern Runner’s ‘Things to Consider’

Considerations When Buying Running Shoes — Shopping for the right running shoes can be very confusing. We often get asked by customers ‘what are the best running shoes?’. Well despite all running shoe brands telling you their brand of shoes are the best via clever marketing campaigns, there isn’t one brand and certainly not one shoe. As every runner has different shaped feet, hits the ground with a different part of the foot & subsequent force and has very different movement patterns it makes sense that there isn’t one good... Read More

Altra Zero Drop | New Shoes Spring/Summer 2017

What’s new from Altra for Spring 2017? Off Road Altra King MT Altra has a new and very exciting shoe coming into the UK market place. The Altra King MT is a low profile trail running shoe with more grip. The 19mm thick midsole is made from a more cushioned material so although it is thinner than the Altra Superior 2.0 or 3.0 it still offers a good degree of cushioning. The thinner midsole makes for a more stable off road shoe. So, you have more ground feel and your... Read More


Glaisdale Rigg Fell Race 2017

The next race in the Dave Parry Winter Fell Race Series is Glaisdale Rigg on Sunday 5th March 10.30am. The race is organised by Loftus and Whitby AC. Entry is £5 on the day only. The registration is at the Arncliffe Arms, Glaisdale, Nr Castleton, Guisborough, North Yorkshire (NZ 781058). The route is about 8.5 miles long with around 1500 feet of ascent. The route is a mix of county lanes, muddy paths over the moors, and hard core bridleways. There is enough moorland running to make a good grippy... Read More